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  1. Marissa I have the greatest respect for you speaking in Afrikaans, just show it is still alive .When Pierre Spies received his awards at rugby functions this year,he spoke Afrikaans. Cyclemania is one of those people that can only voice his opinion under another name. Wonder how you will speak infront of people in your 2nd language .
  2. Congrats to all the worthy winners. Robert Hunter and David George sharing. Marissa vd Merwe the rose amongst the thorns and Cherise most promising. To all the other winners congrats
  3. Brutal

    94.7 Ladies

    Shame Vetpens, jealousy makes you nasty
  4. Proline made a good decision, just showing you how borring the racing is if Proline or Anke do not take initiative.
  5. Brutal

    94.7 Ladies

    Jason, the hubbers started comparing Harmony and Proline, and saying how Harmony are going to kick ass at the 94.7.
  6. Brutal

    94.7 Ladies

    They did not get the win, 90% of the podium positions,About 4 posts in the last week that there is no space on the podium for Proline,wonder why the people that can predict the future, normally predicts it wrong.Harmony???. Proline do not have to prove anything,because they have proven themselves over and over this year.
  7. Brutal

    94.7 Ladies

    I'm glad Yolande won the race, and Marissa and Anriette got 2nd and 3rd. They told me in the race that Harmony can work to close the gap,because (Anke,Cherise proline and Yolande) must always pace and Chrissie and Lynette just wait for the finish without making any effort to help.It was actually funny watching Chrissie and Lynette starting to panic. Congrats to all the podium finishers.
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