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  1. Dennis Close finish with Medscheme (far left) 1st and EMG 2nd & 3rd. Dennis van Niekerk was sick after the Philipines TourOld Dog2010-03-19 09:15:58
  2. Some pics from the tour...
  3. Great pics Ronelle - thanks. Umm.. did you get any of the podium?
  4. The most sensible post of the whole sorry 13 pages!!!!!!
  5. Keep the reports coming, Ivy. Much appreciated. Perhaps post on one the racing forums so that Fandacious and co can continue to "rant and rave" here.
  6. Would be interested to know how many US$'s were mentioned to Glock over the radio during that last lap!!!
  7. The CSA has a finite budget - they must pick events where they have realistic chance of performing well. If you, however, want to finance attendance of the Outer Mongolian Driewiel Championships by having licence feeds raised to a couple of grand a year then you'll hear bitching and moaning. Olympics and World Champs must always be top priority in a body representing the country. Otherwise might just as well go back to the SACF/PPA days, because the SACF, with their many failings, always managed to get worlds squads of some reckoning together! And yes, I believe if the best squad available in the country, taking into account form, etc., etc., is entered they will always do well! CSA just does not have the expertise to do it properly!
  8. Napalm said:At least positive things are happening at the CSA. They're slowly but surely getting rid of the dead wood. Ther's a well known expression "Bullsh*t baffles brains" When it comes to the real issues - what? Very poor SA showing at the Junior Worlds despite being hosts. Mediocre Olympics - no track team even entered. No SA riders in this years Worlds doing time trials - 1st time ever! Lets wait and see what the Road races come up with.......
  9. Not to worry about the cyclists - the pic with the Table Mountain in the background was magic!
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