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  1. Had a ride on saterday in the area again... Wow! What a great 50km's! Thanks for all the help guys!
  2. The place opens way to late for me... I understand they are not open on saturdays and only open at 07:00?
  3. Jip I saw that... When you get to the end of atterbury (at the gane farm or something), is there some roads that you can take towards lynnwood or should I have turned left into one of the named dirt road by then? Sorry for the dumb questions, just don't want to ride into some batch of hijacking hooligans when I take the wrong turn...
  4. I took atterbury in last week, it ends in a dip at some game farm... where do you go from there? I turned around there and made my way back untill you get a dirt road going in to the left... this road then ends up at mooikloof just before the hill...
  5. Thanks guys... had a great ride over the weekend. As I came back from Mooikloof's side there is a dirt road turning left just after that complex on your left comming down the hill, I took that road and it goes right through to delmas road! The surprise about this road is that you skip the huge uphill in devilla bois past wekker street so you have a steady climb for a couple of k's instead of that one monster! Will keep on exploring the dirt in the area... hope to see some of you on the way!!
  6. Thanks guys... I will check out these roads over the weekend...
  7. Where do you go out... Hans Strydom? Atterbury? Delmas Road?
  8. Any dirt is fine... would like to be able to do some training around this area - it's a real pain to have to go to groenies for training... I have a couple of routes I take from moreletta to mooikloof and back going through some dirt routes but would like some input from others - where they ride in the area and if it is save to ride that area...
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if this have been posted in this thead already? Does anyone have trails for pretoria east... Maybe around Mooikloof or out on atterbury?
  10. Would also like to know, currently ride in the mooikloof/atterburry/Delmas area every saterday and sonday... Do they still only open at 07:00? The sun is out at 05:30 already and at 07:00 I am already looping back home?
  11. Hi All, I have a Bryton Ryder 50 GPS device on my bike, while it is a great little device with tons of nice displays and features I cannot download my trips to my PC. Does anyone else have such a device and a way to download their trip information to the PC without using the web? The BytonSport site is blocked on our proxy so I cannot use this feature of the device.. Bummer!
  12. Hi guys.... sorry if this has been answered in the thread somewhere but is the route map and profile for the 40 km avail somewhere? Thanks a lot in advance!!
  13. Go to the bank and have the money paid back! I think you have 4 days to do this...
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