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  1. Yip - you should be able to export the ride from Strava to a GPX file and then upload this to Garmin Connect. These guys got it to work: http://forums.roadcyclinguk.com/showthread.php/126798-Can-you-upload-Strava-rides-to-Garmin-connect
  2. Simple solution here. The drug companies should sponsor the elite teams. That way we'd know which companies produce the best drugs
  3. We had our team kit done by the boys at Enjoy and the we're extremely impressed. The bibs are the best I've ridden in - can endure endless hours on the saddle with no chafing and the padding is still as good as new. The first batch of tops we got seemed to have an issue as some of the stitching around the pockets came loose, but the guys were super helpful and replaced them at no charge. Since then there have been no problems. In short, I highly recommend them
  4. While it sounds great in theory, there won't be much time for family so I don't know if it'll be an enjoyable trip for them. There are spectator points on route, and there are accommodation options to choose from, by the time you finish the day, clean your bike, get your stuff sorted out, etc. it's pretty much time to hit the sack. Spectators aren't allowed into the race villages either so they can't come eat with you / join for race briefings.
  5. Frosty.... That's a good way to put it! The temp was 2 degrees when we got there and it didn't move much from there before the start! But the pace was hot enough to get things warmed up pretty quickly Great event - thanks to all the organizers for a challenging and technical route. I ran out of talent a few times yesterday, and I'm definitely feeling the effects today.
  6. Nope - the road was pretty good to the main farmhouse. There are other cottages that are further out that require 4x4 though.
  7. Check out Rockwood Lodge too. Massive house with plenty of entertainment. http://www.rockwood.co.za/
  8. Tried to get the plastic cup thing in between the shock and frame but there isn't enough space. Seems like the Thule adapter is finicky and going to introduce more problems than just mounting the bike directly onto the rack by placing the back of the seat post against the cup. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  9. Is that bar just too finicky? Looks like it may be a bit of mission to tie things down securely. Looking at the pic above, it looks like there might be space to manouver the rubber cup through and then swivel it around, so will give it a try. Thanks for the tip
  10. Makes perfect sense and that's exactly what I'm worried about. Was thinking about going to the cloth route, but I quite like the idea of this special Thule bar. Will go check it out tomorrow.
  11. Like so? http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/carriers-and-racks/bike-carriers/bike-carrier-accessories/thule-frame-adapter-982xt-_-982xt999
  12. Hi Guys, Any tips / suggestions on how best to transport a Momsen Vipa on a thule hanging bike rack? The shock gets in the way at the rear so the only options I see are to place the shock over the mount, or place the mount at an angle so that the back of the seat tube rests against it. Cheers, Paulo
  13. Just a thought - if this oke is as guilty as we're making him out to be, chances are he's probably still monitoring the hub to keep up to date with the latest events. May be worth offering advice directly to the OP rather than in public.
  14. Or, you could just buy online and let them bring it to you http://www.buycycle.co.za/?subcats=Y&status=A&pshort=Y&pfull=Y&pname=Y&pkeywords=Y&search_performed=Y&q=polar+speed+sensor&dispatch=products.search
  15. You should be able to get them at most retail chain stores like sportsmans / totalsports. Otherwise LBS should be able to order in for you if they don't have on the floor.
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