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  1. Thanks Scalpel, will use form and send it off much appreciated.
  2. Ouch not what i wanted to hear 😔
  3. Evening everyone, quick question on my Canondale SI 6(2017) i noticed this weekend that i have two small cracks on my suspension link. Is this a general issue with these links? And were will i be able to get replacement as omnico have gotten back to my. Kind regards Devan
  4. Hi service is great as my sister ordered for my kids two shirts oN Thursday and arrived Saturday before i even got home after my Ride ????. Now my question is the winter cycling jerseys especially the Csa one that has thermal inner i see is sold out in my size XL seems to be quite popular. Do u guys expect new stock any time soon or is the more variation at the shop.
  5. Well glad I am not the only one, my rear kockey wheels “exploded” came of on a ride luckily was able to get find jockey wheels and bearing and do temp fix with bottle cage bolt as it seems mine broke off could use it again. But i noticed now after being at LBS that it looks like jokey wheels are sitting skew not sure if its bent only replaced the jokey wheels. But must say i had the NX for about 2000km before this happend
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