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  1. Safety was a bit of an eyebrow raising thing. We were nearly taken out by a few cars/trucks. And the flipping idiot at on of the single lane bridges who purposefully opened his driver's door to impede oncoming cyclists. Super dangerous and selfish behavior!
  2. Hi can anyone recommend overnight cycling friendly accommodation in Paarl ? Saturday night. 2 adults 1 child
  3. Cannot find even a small mention in the news. Cycle Tour week se ma se. Endless empty promises of promoting cycling safety.
  4. Simons Town Fire, CMR and Skymed in attendance. One adult male cyclist air lifted to hospital. Severe head injuries. Cannot comment on cause of accident.
  5. Good event. Maybe next year will see more riders.
  6. The lanes are not well thought out. Better to keep flowing as part of the traffic, in the center of a lane, with eyes and ears wide open as I navigate through the circle. In fact I do this in most circles - but hey, each to their own. Meanwhile: Thanks to DJR I went online and did a little research. Interesting little buggers these thorns! After using the lane, resulting in two punctures per wheel in 10 seconds I was understandably pissed off: I was convinced that an anti cycling third force had intentionally planted these - It seems to suggest however that they lay dormant until disturbed then spring into action. Leaves make a good surfactant; useful when finished fixing a flat caused by their thorns!!
  7. Hey whatever.. planted.. hatched.. left by aliens.. don't really care. Just wanted to know if anyone affected.
  8. See they actually good for washing hands.
  9. Emailed PPA. Asked them to advise ward councillor.
  10. Anyone else affected by the devil thorns planted along the verge of the green bike lanes through the ladies mile circle?
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