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  1. Haven't been here for several years. Some of you might remember me as Wolverine. Barry ranks as one of the best friends I have had. As with many of you I met him here and over the years had the privilege of sharing many beers, coffees, rants, hours and hour of bs. Small in stature but with the biggest heart of any person I have ever met. The world is a smaller, darker place today. Rest In Peace my friend May your pencil always be sharp, the Lego plentiful and your skateboard be in your bag Farewell till next we meet
  2. Thanks TW. Spoke to the IO. He caught him in Midrand at Boulders this morning. Not sure as to the detail, but that is not the issue. The important thing is that the bugger has been caught
  3. Sven137 I recognize and appreciate your right to voice your opinion; I believe if you had bothered actually getting the facts, you may not have posted. Fact: Pura was placed with us as a place of safety when she was about 14 months old, after her dear old dad snatched her from her biological mother in 2007, this was the culmination of a six month period of fighting and cross sueing between the two of them. Fact: She has been in foster care with us for over 7 years Fact: Her dear old dad has over the last 7 years tried to have us arrested for kidnapping and child trafficking and on several occasions has tried to bribe people to steal her from school. Fact: He is on record at child services as wanting his 'property' back, not his child. Fact: he is has 27 outstanding warrants in Shasta County, California and skipped the country in 2002/3 to avoid prosecution as it was his third strike. Fact: In December 2012 he hired 4 Zimbabweans under false pretenses to assault my wife while she was dropping our daughter at school. Fact: He was fortunately apprehended 24 hours later. The last year and a half had been one of him playing delaying tactics, changing lawyers with the same frequency as some of us change underwear. Also making the occasional outburst in court that has prompted magistrates to query his sanity, hence the stay in Weskoppies. You are right to be sympathetic to the rights of fathers, I am, however, disinclined to give him that title
  4. Hi Slowbee Not sure who is fighting who. Thanks for your concern though. Think he has disappeared, there doesn't seem to be a clue as to his whereabouts. Guess we will be looking over our shoulder from here on in. Hopefully he slips up and they nail him
  5. Hi guys Thanks TW for nice again being there when I needed help getting word out. Police have very little at the moment. Cassie, we will not run from this asswipe. We will not be hostage to him. If he knows what's good for him he will not stop running. If he doesn't, he'd better hope the police find him before my wife and her mates get hold of him, it won't be pretty. She is as ok as can be expected under the circumstances. We told her what happened in order for her to be alert and aware. She is nine and has had to endure more crap than some adults see in a lifetime. She is not my blood but she is my child as surely as if she were my own and I will die before we lose her again
  6. Rode with a Bryton 40. No issues. Super easy to follow and in no way detracted from the experience
  7. As my mates know, I am a cycling hacker who rides as a form of moving meditation. I was fortunate enough to get a sponsored entry for the middle leg of J2C from my employer. I am not as deserving of this as many other 'real cyclists' may be. I have been inspired to lose close to 35kg and have ridden more in the first three and a bit months of this year than either 2011 or 2012. My goal is to beat the cutoff times every day and breathe the air, smell the flowers and eat some good Karan steak.
  8. Been a while since I last rode this. Maybe this year
  9. Those were days that made me proud to be a hubber
  10. Have done up to five hour rides with Camelbak filled with water only. Like most other posters here I carry a bar or two (Biogen peanut butter cookie dough is awesome. Also USN energy oats) and a gel or two as backup (GU salted caramel or USN espresso) in case of the dreaded bonk.
  11. Actually I think my pleasant disposition is more likely to be the cause, not so much my size these days
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