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  1. Just an Update - it does seem like Australia Post is offering STANDARD AIR services again for South Africa. This means any products IN STOCK on the website will now be able to be ordered again. For the past 8+ months the only option has been FEDEX which to South Africa has been stupidly expensive! Two Wheels Trading has placed some backorders for some of the FARR fast moving lines ( Carbon Aero Bolt-On , Aero Gravel Handlebar etc ) - however, as per most brands, we are struggling to keep up with demand and lead-times have blown out to well over 6 months on most items.
  2. Hi Guys, for the Front Brakes, you would need a Post Mount Caliper. These are readily ( or were ) from Cape Cycle Systems ( importers of SRAM in South Africa ) here is an example :https://www.capecycles.co.za/sram-road/shifters_brakes/shifters_brakes/007018144000-sram-rival22-hrd-f-shift-f-brake they might also do/have for APEX which is 1 level lower spec and price. the Adaptor you need is an IS to POST MOUNT Adaptor - these are very common. CWC have -https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/response-caliper-mount-f160r140 Unfortunately in the way of Gravel and Bigger Tyre Clearance - the options in Cromo or even Carbon Forks with FLATMOUNT are limited - even in 2021.
  3. it really depends on sales and how/if TWT thinks they can justify importing the minimum order quantities to sell in SA - this is a business afterall? looking at rate of sale on some items in the FARR range there are many items that would/should not have been ordered. that is how you live and learn. if TWT did not want to stock the range, then it becomes available to another distributor who wants to do it in the SA market. as mentioned FARR is a totally separate company and brand. the new frame-kits have MOQ's which we can just hit by doing the Global Order - SA market will not be able to do those numbers - we have track records to prove this. So again, why not just order what you want from the Global Site - like you would any Global brand that you want/need/love/have-to-have? I would love to have every shape/size/color that we make in stock for that 1 sale we might get - but that is not good business practice and the reason many ventures go belly up! how many frames would you like to order - maybe we could ship a bunch to SA - saving on shipping costs? but probably best to communicate via the website e-mail with that info - instead of making this thread a personal purchase discussion. there are shipping costs regardless - whether we ship from factory to SA or from factory to AUS. you will always be able to get hold of FARR product - as long as you have an internet connection and a credit card to purchase. we are now also working with a few distributors in key markets that include UK, France, Japan, Netherlands, Italy and more in the pipeline - could be an option to purchase from them too. there are always options to get niche products into SA - just look at some of the cool stuff we see here on BikeHub - brands that are not " commercially viable " for traditional distribution models but are still imported/bought by SA cyclists.
  4. something new --- something Old School BMX inspired ---- personal fun product.
  5. thanks - we getting a little off-topic on here, especially the Morewood Bikes reference - guess that is a separate post for another day - so here is a pic of my current ride
  6. that is the reason for the intro page - giving customers the chance to view the SA site ( which has SA stock ) or INTERNATIONAL ( which has Australia stock ) --- it is by no means a perfect system but to answer your question, yes, if they visit SA site, the stock on offer there is physically in South Africa and available. adding FARR to the TWT stable does complicate things, but was done to allow customers the option to support their local bike shop and purchase via them instead of direct. It is all about choices and options. in terms of "official statement " nothing changes - business as usual in a "Covid 2020 world " for all entities and each business has adapted to the new economy in a positive way. not sure what else you want me to say - it is an ever evolving marketplace.
  7. what do you mean " local " store - TWT does not have a shop - it has a warehouse which stocks product - recently making that product available at retail pricing ( same as you would pay from a bike shop ) on their website - http://www.twowheelstrading.co.za / the pricing from TWT is the same as from ridefarr.com/za
  8. Good Morning Fanie, this is Oom Vic here - I am based in Perth , WA and have been for almost 2 years now - regular travels between the International Trade Shows and South Africa quarterly were the norm - pre this whole Covid19 mess! To sum things up, the FARR brand is a standalone brand and project that began roughly 3.5 years ago. A creative outlet that has quickly become a self-sustaining range of products in it's own right. Many of products in the range and coming down the line are not your stereotypical SAFFA BIKE MARKET vibe. With the growth of Gravel and Adventure/Bikepacking globally the brand has seen some great success in markets that are typically very difficult to penetrate when you are trying to ship ex-South Africa etc. This is the main reason for us now choosing to ship products from Australia - where shipping is actually cheaper and alot more reliable ( thanks to the SA Postal Services ... ) to ship worldwide. Crazy as both are separate continents with significant logistics to ship to our main market in North America and others like Japan etc. It would be awesome to have more of newer FARR products in the SA market, but the relatively low demand and niche of niche perception of adventure/commuting/bikepacking means it is not viable to order and produce the required MOQ's ( Minimum Order Quantities ) that some of our products require. an Example is the Aero Gravel Handlebar - we have to order 500 units per order! not an easy task given the SA market size for this style of bar. With the GLOBAL site there is always the option to order and ship to SA, the shipping costs are of course the challenge - but no different to ordering from CRC / Wiggle or any other global online cycling website. Would love to offer SA DISCOUNTS or something similar to assist with this in the future To facilitate sales of stock on hand in SA, we made the product available via Two Wheels Trading ( separate company but of course a relationship based on my involvement in both ) which means any local bike shop that trades with TWT now has access to most of the FARR range. The only items not available via TWT are those that have very low margin and are not viable via the multi-distribution model. Hope that makes sense. Feel free to PM me for any further info - will always try to respond and clarify any confusion.
  9. Happy Weekend Folks!!! we are overstocked on these AERO MTB handlebars - so for 1 WEEK ONLY, we are offering them at just R 1995 ( free delivery in SA )
  10. Sorry - those are long gone. We only have 1 Carbon frame left - we won’t get anymore - the Rand is a shocker too - serious bargain!!!
  11. there will be a Boost Fork but it will be Cromo. our new bikes are arriving next week - so keep an eye on our social media for details - production will only be later this year though. these are our marketing samples.
  12. good morning folks!!! super excited to hear that we can start shipping orders again!!! all orders placed during LOCKDOWN are being packed/shipped today. Shop our popular SADDLES , HANDLEBARS and more here
  13. that does sound fairly light -- frame is Butted Cromo but so is the fork and not nearly as light as say a Carbon or Alloy variant. But the ride ... please post some pics, would love to see. We are working on some new frames, will be some interesting new options coming out ... and we are keeping STEEL in the line-up.
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