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  1. Event Name: THE CEDERWhen: 09/09/2023Where: Cederberg Oasis, Category: GravelStarting and finishing at the iconic Cederberg Oasis (the home of the smiley face), The Ceder offers a thrilling weekend of unique experiences, fierce racing, and demanding challenges. Picturesque snow greeted riders in 2021. 2022 brought about crisp and clear conditions. 2023 sees predictions stirring in circles with the weather not only a factor but brand new races to the event requiring fresh strategies.  Three hours from Cape Town, The Ceder takes place deep in the Cederberg, a mountainous region that boasts some of the most diverse fauna, flora, and wildlife one might find. Entering the range, it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the wild, raw, beauty of the towering mountains and twisted rock formations. The races across the weekend cover gravel, tar, technical terrain, and pure mountain trail with a combination of steep climbs, slow-burner ascents, sharp descents, and flowy fast downhills across all courses.  The Ceder offers a course to cater to all - CEDER245, CEDER140, CEDERmtb30, CEDERRUN, and CEDERFunRUN. ABOUT THE CEDERBERG The Cederberg was named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar, a tree endemic to the mountain range.  What makes the Cederberg particularly special is its isolation and how undeveloped it remains, allowing pure, untouched nature to contrast against a backdrop of daily distractions.  In 1973, this was threatened by a spell of severe exploitation that saw significant amounts of cedar wood, rooibos tea, buchu and rockwood bark harvested unsustainably. The cedar tree faced the risk of extinction, leading to the launch of a conservancy project that actively supports the Clanwilliam Cedar Tree and individual reserves in the area. The history of the Cederberg is deeply entrenched within the rock too, with famous mountain sites including Wolfberg Arch, Wolfberg Cracks, Tafelberg, Rocklands, and Sneeuberg. The sites attract hikers, climbers, and mountaineers from across the world. Stadsaal Caves (10km from Cederberg Oasis) is just one example of several that contain San Rock art telling stories of old.  ABOUT THE REASON FOR THE RACE The Why Behind The Ceder, by Race Director and The Ceder Founder Raoul Goetze If I had to think about it, the Ceder was created out of a deep sense of nostalgia and interest in self-discovery through endurance challenges. My background and history as a founder of Endless Daze Music Festival, combined with the discovery of trail running and then cycling, made this event inevitable. As a child, I spent weekends exploring the landscapes of the Cederberg, usually camping with the family. Those moments left an indelible mark on my soul, creating a connection that would persist throughout my life. The Cederberg has become a sanctuary for me. My interest and love for endurance sports and the allure of challenging oneself in harsh conditions played a significant role in shaping The Ceder. I believe that it is in moments of adversity that we truly discover our inner strength and resilience. The Cederberg, with its rugged terrain and untamed beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for participants to push their limits and embrace the thrill of testing their mettle. Over the years, The Ceder has grown beyond just a weekend challenge amongst friends. It has become a gathering of riders and runners from all corners and walks of life, with one goal; to conquer a challenge.  I am humbled by the enthusiasm and determination displayed by everyone, to conquer the challenges that have set for themselves. To all those who have been a part of The Ceder, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your presence and unwavering support have transformed this event into a cherished tradition. Let us continue to celebrate the spirit of adventure, paying homage to the nostalgia that inspired it all, and inspiring others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys in the remarkable Cederberg. Go to Event Page.
  2. I'm considering doing this on my gravel bike and have been putting in some saddle time to prep. It's my first time so I'm curious to hear from those that have done it before (especially on a gravel bike)... Have you done this on a gravel bike? How was it? What tyres did you use? Any other advice or tips?
  3. Hi Guys, our first frame model - the FARR OUT - is available NOW for pre-order. these are Double Butted Cromo ( yes, Steel for the purists ) Gravel Frames with updated "Gravel-specific" geometry ( ie. NOT A CX Bike made to look like a GRAVEL BIKE! ) and feature a host of modern frame standards enabling a versatile and fun bike: - 142 x 12 Rear Thru-Axle - 100 x 15 Front Thru-Axle - Taller Headtube for All-Day Comfort - Multiple Bottle Cage Bosses - Wheel Clearance for 700 x 28 to 45c Tyres ( also fits 650 x 50 tyres ) - Lowered Bottom Bracket for Stability with Longer Rear Centre - Internal Tapered Headtube - Rear FlatMount - Front PostMount ( can also run FlatMount with Adaptor ) First frames should be shipping next week ( for those that Pre-Order ) and we can't wait to see some of these on SA Gravel Roads real soon!!!! Unfortunately the pics we have been suppled are NOT GREAT - but give an idea of the overall look and visuals of the frame-kits. Once we get stock we will get some much better photos taken ... If anyone would like to pre-order, we are offering the FRAME-KITS at a PRE-ORDER price of R 6995 ( normal price will be R 8500 ). These can be here in 2 weeks, if no pre-orders then the normal shipping time of 6 to 8 weeks will apply. Please visit our website to find out more and also see geometry and frame-sizing : https://ridefarr.com/product-category/frames/
  4. I recently got a Gravel frame custom made for me by the awesome guys over at Calculus Bikes. The frame arrived the other day, and after a fairly effortless build of my old parts across, I took her for a spin. The bike immediately feels right, like how you would imagine a bike that was made for you to feel. Being a gravel bike, the fit won't be super aggressive, but it's far from a lounge chair. It's comfortable but also feels like it's rearing to race. The power transfer is great. I loved getting out the saddle and pushing up some of the gravel climbs, and on the road is no different. On the looks side of things, it's gorgeous. Both the titanium itself and the actual lines are beautifully simple. There are places to fasten panniers and ample space for wider tires for long more technical adventures.
  5. What are the best gravel bikes available in SA in the sub R40k category?
  6. A town where most Adventures start and End – Written by Willie Richards (@500kmplus) It has taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts all gathered and at last between my crazy daily schedule I have managed to put some words down and reflect on an epic little mid-week adventure I recently had. Let me ask you this – Are you looking for a mid-week escape? Then look no further than Montagu – this lovely town is filled to the brim with so many outdoor options. Be it running, hiking, cycling, climbing, or just exploring the beautiful town itself. Montagu caters for all adventure seekers and for those that just would like to sample their local cuisine, they even cater for the food and wine connoisseur. A great friend of ours recently relocated to this little adventure haven situated on the R62. With their relocation, she went with the plan to start a small, tailored adventure touring business. The aim is to offer one on one and small group adventure support through tailored packages to groups no bigger than 4 persons. Kamin Taute, the brain, and energy behind Single-Track adventures has put together some great cycling routes making use of the already established gravel roads in the Montagu area. One of her many tailored packaged gravel options is to cycle out to Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve which is roughly 70km’s from Montagu and then spend a night at this wonderful off-the-grid resort. Gecko Rock captures all the wonderful aspects of the Karoo through beautiful views as their on-farm accommodation is strategically positioned to soak in the beautiful sunsets and rock formations out there. My midweek escape was planned to be a gravel cycle from Montagu via Ouberg pass and then running an ultra distance back from Gecko Rock to Montagu the following day. I could not wait to get my little adventure going, and on Wednesday morning I left at 6 am from Montagu making my way towards Ouberg pass. Ouberg pass is a solid grind but the views from on top makes it all worth it. To be honest before I knew it, I was standing on top of Ouberg pass nibbling on a banana and sipping on some hydrate. A great touch to Kamin’s tailored trips is you get a 4 element Single-Track patch once you do complete the Ouberg pass without dismounting your cycle. (I got my patch) From here onwards, the gravel road was smooth with some small rolling hilled sections supported by some intermittent downhill rewards. En route, I would stop every now and then for a photo and allow myself to soak up the beautiful vistas which only the Karoo can deliver. I really wanted to absorb every ounce of this little mid-week escape. We arrived just before 11 am in the morning where we checked in at Gecko Rock. The early arrival and check-in ensured that the onslaught of the Karoo midday heat would luckily be missed. After unpacking at the beautiful cabin provided by Gecko Rock for the night, some coffee and snacks I started to prepare for the big run which was to start very early the following morning back to Montagu. After some discussion, I knew that I would be spending a lot more time on the road therefore we had to ensure an early start to try and miss the midday Karoo heat. The following morning, we left long before Sunrise. I started to chip away at the km’s. The first 20km’s went quickly and before I knew it the first 20km’s was in the bag as we arrived at the Bloutoring turn-off. The ideal spot for a snack, bathroom break, and time to fill up my hydration pack for the next km’s ahead. Every 10km’s Kamin allowed for a water stop which really broke up the 60 km’s plus. Once we started to get back up at Ouberg pass the heat started to settle in and I was happy to know that Montagu was not far off. The end point of my Ultra was perfectly planned by Kamin to be at the Montagu Country Hotel where I could wash down the dust with a finisher’s ice-cold beer. I was extremely happy as the run was just over 6 hours, and although no land speed record it was great fun and I feel that the Karoo really made me feel welcome. After a very good night’s rest, I already started to speak to Kamin about me returning for some other routes she has on offer. I am extremely interested in a 100km run next time. You might ask – why would anyone want to take on the gravel roads of the Karoo during the hot summer months? This little adventure was to say thank you and raise awareness for the fostering program which African Tails are running with the rehoming of rescued animals. A cause very dear to my heart. https://africantails.co.za/ Just before heading back to Cape Town the following morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Rambling Rose, and I was fortunate enough to meet the energetic and lovely Marchelle van Zyl who runs Flying Feet South Africa. Marchelle operates from the Adventure Centre located at the Montagu Country Hotel. A budding cyclist herself, she is the energy behind the singletrack loop which runs from Montagu and also offers great cycling tours in and around Montagu. One thing that really grabbed my attention was her Ghost Tour. So, I will most definitely have to return to Montagu to experience more of the great things this little gem of a town has on offer. If you are looking for an adventure escape, be it cycling or running reach out to Kamin and #GetOutThere Kamin Taute 0826714022 | sales@single-track.co.za Website: www.single-track.co.za Instagram: singletrack_sa
  7. When Renault SA asked me to take the Triber on a micro-adventure up North, there was only one place I was headed. Mpumalanga, and the little town of Sabie. Now the area is obviously most known for MTB and Trail Running but I wanted to head back to this area that I had visited so […] View full article
  8. Good day everyone, Hope you are all well and getting pumped for those holiday rides. I am going away to Ballots Bay (by George) and Noetzie (by Knysna) this December (2021), and I have planned a few possible routes to do on my gravel bike, but in terms of safety, I’m not sure about any of them. I will be cycling alone, unless anyone wants to meet up and join me (send me a DM and we can see if we can arrange something). Could anyone tell me what routes listed below are best, and if there are any other routes I could maybe look into. Route: From Ballots Bay to Wilderness: https://www.strava.com/routes/2881620904960023052 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 1: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886926504172100228 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 2: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886949716579436164 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 3: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886975249377243920 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 4: https://www.strava.com/routes/2894679346089661106 Route: Ballots Bay to Harold’s Bay: https://www.strava.com/routes/2887331328237224382 Route: Riding around Noetzie Tree Plantations: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886634106250838660 Route: Noetzie to Plett: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886978934725230212 Thanks, Kevin
  9. Hi all, i stay in Bedfordview and am keen to do some gravel rides nearby (i dont mind driving a little bit and then riding). Are there any good gravel routes in the East Rand or South of Jhb? Are any of the mtb parks more gravel friendly Thanks
  10. For many riders local to the Western Cape the Cederberg needs no introduction as a riding destination. The Cederberg Circuit is a 247km circular route which offers riders the opportunity to explore this majestic area in their own time. It is a proper gem and only 2 hours from Cape Town. For those reading this who aren’t based in the Western Cape, or if you are but haven’t had the chance to venture out to this beautifully challenging part of the country yet, this article should provide all the info you need to plan a great a weekend or week of adventuring through the area. View full article
  11. Press Release The XPLR collection from SRAM, RockShox, and Zipp celebrates a new era of drop bar riding with three product sets to make gravel yours. Every upgrade works great by itself or all together. So pick a path, or mix and match galore. After all, gravel is what you make it. View full article
  12. SRAM is launching ‘XPLR’ – a gravel groupset with a pretty comprehensive range and depth of components https://singletrackworld.com/gritcx/2021/08/10/sram-launches-xplr-its-wireless-suspension-gravel-groupset/
  13. Any of you had success with converting an older model road bike to a gravel bike?
  14. After turning heads and dividing opinions with the launch of the Grail and its "hover bar" in 2018, Canyon have added a new, more adventure oriented gravel bike dubbed the Grizl. The Grizl builds on the successful formula of the Grail in sticking closely to a geometry mix that Canyon found works well, but amps up the accommodation for burlier tyres - up to 50mm on 700C wheels with 45mm fitted out of the box. The Grizl also brings mounting options on the fork legs, top tube, the usual bottle cage mounts, another below the top tube and a traditional handlebar setup. You should not be short of options when it comes to stowing extra gear, snacks or spares. View full article
  15. With most mass-participation events not able to go ahead the last couple of months there has been a surge of smaller, unsupported events which limit person to person contact to the bare minimum. One such event is the Sedgefield500, a 500km single stage self-supported bike race. Entrants get 60 hours to complete the route, so […] View full article
  16. Hi, We live in Ballito and looking to plan an offroad route to the Midlands - a "there and back" route that we could stick to gravel roads. Browsing tracks4africa & gravelmap.com it seems there are ALOT of gravel options to take... any suggestions on a route we could take to midmar dam? (Previous strava activities or gpx files would be a bonus!)
  17. Does anyone have some good contacts or advice on gravel bikepacking bags? Looking for some good quality bags for overnight or two night self sustained trips - We will get meals and drinks at pre booked accomadation so not much space needed apart from some after ride kit and fresh kit for the next day. Advice also welcome on what bag best to get ( bar bag or behind saddle ) Appreciate the help.
  18. Hi Guys, our new website and marketing is in the works but here are some sneak previews of SOME of our new 2019 models. our dealers will be getting updated arrival and pricing within the next 2 weeks. please see our website for a list of dealers in your area. as those of you who have joined our newsletter will already know , we are expanding our GRAVEL range from 2 models to 4 ... we are also bringing back a CARBON 29er hardtail option ... Models shown: 2019 GP500 2019 SL729
  19. I am taking on the Cross Cape route on my Specialized Diverge gravel bike soon. The tyre choice is between the 38mm Panaracer Gravelking SK (small knobs) or the regular Gravelking (light file tread). I am not very familiar with the route, but suspect the faster rolling, regular GK will be the better weapon, considering we probably don't have too many hectic switchback descents in our part of the world. Also, I know some long sections will just be tarmac. Am I being a naïve moron? Any hubbers with some experience with these tyres and the area? Are the regular GK untameable on the dirt? I am a bit of a roadie, and would hate to drag any unnecessary tread along if not necessary. I'm a bit hasty like that. Looking forward to the discussion!
  20. This Friday we have a one day only sale that really is beyond value for money. Book today for the 2-8 Sept 2021 Hessequa/Overberg Cruise, and pay only R4375pp (Normal Price R8750.00), and we will include the 9-11 Sept Stanford Cheese and Wine Ride for free, as well as 1 nights accomodation in Stanford on the 8th to link the two trips together. That works out at R480pp/pn, for a full service, fully catered luxury MTBing holiday. This offer is limited to the first 6 persons to book, thereafter normal pricing applies. You absolutely wouldnt be able to find a better value for money MTB holiday. The Hessequa/Overberg Cruise starts in Stillbay, and over the next 6 days you wind your way along the coastal region, into the Overberg, stopping off at highlights like Arniston and Cape Aghulus, before finally coming to an end in the quiant overberg village of Stanford. The Cheese and Wine Ride, is a weekend riding trip, based out of Stanford, and shows you around to some of the best riding in the region, while sampling wines and cheese, that the area is famous for. This ride allows you access to private property normally not afforded to the public, and even the chance to preview some of the tracks for the 2022 edition of the Cape Epic. If you book this combo package, you get a full ten day MTBing adventure of note, including 9 nights of luxury accomodation on a dbb basis, snacks and refreshements on the ride, support vehicle with mehanical backup, transfer from goerge Airport or from Cape Town on the the first day, and Transfer to Cape Town Airport on the last. We can assist you with assembling your bikes on arrival, as well as boxing for the return flight if needed. This offer is limited to no more than 6 persons - book now to avoid dissapointment - non riding partners are welcome to join @ the same rate as riders. To book now, click here *all our other trips are currently marked down with 35% too, until 31 October 2020
  21. Yes, I just made up a word. Gravelable (adj) - Suitable for pleasant traverse on either a gravel or standard road machine, equipped with rubber exceeding 28 metric millimeters. I was planning a ride from Glentana (George) to Natures Valley. While scouring maps for a possible route that does not involve perishing on the N2, I saw something called the "Seven Passes Road". It looks pretty spectacular, consisting of tar and untarred sections. My question is, does anyone know if these roads are MTB type gravel, or gravel type gravel? I would love to slap on my 28's and have a crack at it. I am just not keen on heave corrugations which will undo the dental work I had done as a child. Any local knowledge would be much appreciated! The route I am talking about can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/maps/9akgRySrfqH2
  22. Campagnolo have revealed all the details of their new 1x13 gravel-specific groupset named Ekar. It aims to meet the demands of gravel riding with a wide gear range, the simplicity of 1x and reliability without a weight penalty. Click here to view the article
  23. Morning. I am from the W.Cape, but spending time in PTA nowadays. Looking for some primarily gravel routes which start as close to Brooklyn as possible. Have been riding in Magaliesberg(roads around v Gaalens recently graded btw) which has been fun. Routes don't have to be all flat dirt and can be a combo of surfaces. Many thanks.
  24. Evening folks! Any of your doing the SxSE Hustle this Saturday, starting from Blockhouse R59? 3 of us will be starting at 7 am, was just wondering who else may have had the same idea. Makes the possibility of getting lost smaller.
  25. So, I have been doing a fair bit of research here on TBH, and see alot of devided opinions on the matter. One half are thinking its a consipiracy theory for bike manufacturers to keep taking our money. The other half sees it as a practical solution to alot of things, ie. Replace your road bike with a gravel bike, its more comfy, you can easily go off the road on dangerous sections of traffic or climb curbs, you can do road races with them, all be it not UCI races, but who is checking. In fact, I saw someone do a sub 3 hour in the CTCT with a gravel bike.... I for one believe this is the bike that is in fact not the N+1 bike, but the bike that can give a person, the best of three worlds. Whats your take on the matter, try and stay positie if at all possible lol
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