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  1. Thanks! We camping at: https://www.bosveldoasebrits.co.za/1.Bosveld-Oase-Brits-Home.htm Hennops is a little to far...hehe....
  2. I know this is pretty old, but we heading out to a camping spot close to Brits soon and I want to do the same, do you end up going to Van Gaalens or was there something closer?
  3. Did the 1/2 marathon! Loved it!!! Can't wait for Mabilingwe!
  4. Any chance of getting the GPX file for the 1/2 marathon?
  5. Well the problem seems to be sorted. Took it in to Polar an they replaced the strap and battery....all working like a champ now! Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. HAHAHA! Maybe I am not working out hard enough to produce enough sweat...
  7. I think I might have an old strap still from my old polar. Worked like a charm. Might want to give it a try. Also may give this a try. Sounds like the more viable option if I dont come right. But are the new smart straps compatible with the CS300's?
  8. I rinse it after most rides. But cleaned/rinsed/washed it with hot water and soap after my ride on Tuesday. Have also machine washed it once or twice since I have had it.
  9. Maybe it's just one of those things we have to live with...
  10. Flatt battery?? The device is still new? Interesting! Thanks will take it to Polar as soon as! Will they help with wheel size setup? I did as instructed in the manual but clearly I cant read or follow instructions...hahaha!
  11. Hi all, Hoping for some help and/or tips please. I have searched this forum for CS300 issues but nothing similar to what I have. My CS300 is fairly new, bought it in Jan this year. The Cadence sensor is working fine and the speed sensor is working fine. (Even though I find my GPS to be way more accurate on distance travelled.) The problem I have is with the HR monitor. I have followed the instructions of where I should wear the strap, it is wet when I put it on. The strap is a tight as it can be without hurting whilst I ride. But...The watch (mounted on the bars) picks up my heart rate and works fine for a while, a while being an indefinite amount of time. But every so often it will lose signal for a few minutes, not such a problem, but when it regains signal my HR shows as 225+ bpm, then slowly drops down to what my heart rate is...? The problem I have is almost all my work outs show this as my Max HR which is not true...would definitely know if I pushed that hard and would definitely not be posting here if I knew it was correct. I have moved my GPS off my handle bars as to try eliminate interference, it sits in my shirt pocket or Camelbak's pouch. I understand it could lose signal when crossing under power lines etc...but often in the middle of nowhere it will just lose signal when my HR is at a constant 140 bpm and then does as described above. Thoughts? Is it a faulty unit? Am I doing something wrong?
  12. <p>Am so excited! Entered for the 1/2!! Can't wait it looks awesome!! <img alt="" src="https://community.bikehub.co.za/public/style_emoticons/default/clap.gif" /> Will be my 1st 'real' MTB event! *blush*</p>
  13. If all goes well will be collecting my gf's new MTB on Saturday Will then be going out to Reitvlie sometime for some 'easy' riding!
  14. Back on the bike after an 8 week lay off.... Couple of visits to the physio and OT and whole lot of $$, some XRAYS and the doc has cleared me to ride again. Looks like I got a self tapping screw in my hand...lol!
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