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  1. Hi All. So after many years and a lot of happiness. Ruby, the Saint Bernard, Tumbles favourite lady has had to meet him again Mamma Fish adopted Ruby after the sad passing of Barry. Mamma Fish loved her unconditionally until her passing, and then joined little Fish and myself. She then joined me at Sun City where she retired and had a peaceful last year of her life. Sadly, she had an enlarged heart and water on the lungs and as of Friday the sad choice was made to let her rest in peace. I'll post a few pics. She is and will always be so much more. Mamma Fish and my Rubes
  2. And here is Ruby.... Nose looking a lot better.
  3. My first friend on the hub. It turned out that out that he sold me my first pair of cycling shoes. I remember that day. He was wearing a full length apron (Merida I think), and when I asked for the cheapest shoes, in his way, he made me feel comfortable and not like a cheap skate. lol. I also had the privilege of sharing quite a few beers and some good conversation. But most of all, he was an amazing friend to my Fiance. They never met, but shared so much. Good and bad times. She knows all his pets by names, and he knew ours. It all started when she and another hubber sent him a box gnomes. Was a huge joke, and because of this, I met my person. We still have gnomes in our garden today, and this has always made me remember, but now for so many more reasons. There is a special place in our hearts. Cheers to a good man.
  4. What a great guy! Saw some pics of his dogs yesterday. They seem ok, but look empty. Missing their person. Best we keep positive.
  5. Hi All, Been a while. Due to unforeseen circumstances (FLU) I will not be able to attend the Sondela Classic this weekend. I have a camp site with private ablutions (26 to 28 June) and an entry for both the 40km (Saturday) and the 60km (Sunday) up for grabs. The value of these is just over R1500 All proceeds will go to PETS (Pets Empowerment in Townships) as they have a massive vets bill for all the good work they do, and any contributions will help. Quite simple, place your bid in the comments section and the highest bid wins. Bidding closes at 15h00 tomorrow (25 June) as we would have to transfer the reservation into the winning individuals name. Thanks and good luck! Smolly
  6. A small 27.5 bike for my misses. Entry level please
  7. Lube lube lube and more lube. Wash your bike regularly and then lube again
  8. Fair comment. But most don't have the balls to apologise
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