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  1. I would like to clarify something. There is no so called "ceilling" or "final destination or goal" as far as I am concerned. I am just a supporter of what my son wants to do and I certainly do not put my children into pressurised environments in terms of my expectations. I just want for them to have fun and enjoy any sport. If they excel then good for them. My correspondence about CSA was posted because I am angry with people that don't even have the decency to use communication channels to keep us and the public in the know and I feel it is not only good to be informed but it is a right. So lets not miss the boat here.There have been other instances where I was informed that there would be a track team to Australia and I had to keep on phoning to find out the plans but it was like pulling teeth. Rather don't set the kids up and keep the focus on local racing.
  2. I am writing this to express my dissapointment at CSA's decision not to send a Junior team to worlds.If anything, why was there no communication between the riders and CSA? We have technology at our fingertips and there is absolutly NO excuse for this to occur. I don't care about him or her being good or bad enough but let us remember one thing and that is the bucks that is being put into some of these riders. Hey man the stuff doesn't grow on trees! I have spent R22 000 times two for two trips to Europe to get my boy prepared for worlds and I feel that if there never was going to be a team to worlds someone should have said " hey man it's not going to happen" I am a teacher and this is huge money for me and the family and the costs overseas was apart from the costs of equipment. There are those that say that we are sub standard and to those I say that it is not so much about if we can or cannot but why are we not given the chance of the experience like so many other sports are given.If CSA had said that we can send our juniors on our own budget then this would have happened albeit for the experience! NOTE:The juniors currently in Belgium have been on the podium twice for UCI 1.1 category races and the conditions were not exactly favourable in terms of resting prior to the events. So what am I saying? I am saying to other parents that they should think again before putting in a massive investment and I am saying that you musn't listen to heresay ("we are going to worlds")and that the only thing you must believe in must be written in Black and White!! I have written to CSA and I have expressed my sadness with regards the worlds and again technology has failed. No reply and just a group of dissappointed cyclists! Is this what we want in this sport of ours! Well I have had my say and you all be careful now!!
  3. Had the same problem when Bradley was at Maritzburg College(these guys do not like it if you don't play rugby or rugby or rugby) and when he was in standard seven he took up a "school sport" namely canoing. He paddled for a few months until he managed to duck and dive the master in charge but for the next few years, until he matriculated he just told them straight "Im a cyclist". He was sidelined a lot but as Jonathan said you eventually earn respect for your sport.In the annual sports awards ceremony the school even presented him with a cup for the "best non-school sport achiever" Anyway, the bottom line is to stick to your guns and don't quit pedalling.School sporting colours became a huge issue as other sports including tennis received school colours even if you made the Midlands side. I pursued countless letters to the minister of education/sport in KZN and guess what? I did'nt even get a reply.
  4. I knew Ryan as a friend/fellow cyclist and he was such a gentleman. Ryan always had time to talk to the young cyclists and encouraged them. He was a born again christian.Goodbye Ryan. May the lord be with the family and friends.
  5. South Africa Junior Worlds Track and Road Team 2007 Well do we or don't we have a team or are we going to send a team?? What is the latest on this sensitive topic!
  6. May the road rise up to meet you and may the sun shine warmly on your cheek and may the wind always blow from behind you. Until we all meet again may the lord hold you in the hollow of his gentle hand. ] May the lord soften the blow that the family has experienced and lead them forward.
  7. No bun fight guys.Lets look ahead at some good racing,and face it if you race you gonna fall.
  8. "You have to anticipate a drivers wrong moves. Riding a bike in traffic is like playing a live dangerous chess game. One wrong move and you end up on the side of the board."
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