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  1. Happy birthday ! Hope you surive your Dc trip to enjoy your Bday!
  2. manage to do a 160km TT (individual) in 4:15 (avrage of 37km\h) I cant One of my friends from overseas has this friend who says he rides proffesionally with a team called Issac. He is 17 and says that is the cut off time for his team is doing that. He also says he aims for 5:10 for a 200km TT ! Now this seems impossible or very hard to do? My question is : Is this guy trying his luck to convince me that is good or is this oke just very good ! Reason this is under training is: Wouldnt this burn the kid out in the next three years
  3. Rather save the money and get a decent Shimano groupie ok . Actually rather invest in lead weights so i can keep up with you when the road turns up
  4. Who cares they will stop there pointless attacking ! F is alot quicker than G ! Will the Dc count for seeding ?
  5. Do you have a group which you ride with ? If not try and find one in your area! Makes all the difference ! At your stage i would increase those weekends rides gradually to 80 -90 km then once you there then that base milage ! Then work on speed !
  6. ah here is where i cant really say much the likes of bikemax or bruce could help you ! windbreaker might also be able to help
  7. Road riding you should average round 85 -100 on flats and 70-85 on hills MTB i cant say Today i averaged for the first 30km 110 because of restricted gearing smileys/smiley7.gif" align="middle" /> amdretard2007-10-28 08:09:19
  8. Have you guys ever noticed that the Arugs has no technical stuff! Ie Quick tigh corners (Boyes drive ). That a good idea Windbreaker be a much more exciting route to town ! How does boyes and Ou kaapse sound ?
  9. Well even with the 30 day return policy the son would of been out of luck ! I would tell him to take a hike. Is the hassle worth the extra revenue ! Offer him a trade in but at a reduced worth of the bike and sell the bike on the hub
  10. OK i understand what is being said ! I have a pair of old Spinergy Revx which i use from time to time. I recently had a cassete change down on them and the mechanic said the hub is loose and it was dangerous to ride on! He said he tried to tighten it but it just came loose ! The wheel does wobble from side to side but not that much! So is the mechanic right ? is it dangerous to use the wheel
  11. I agree with epoh on this issue ! For those merit black players to come through there needs to be time. Time for the black kids to be exposed to it in a rugby playing school . At the moment the few good rugby schools are bringing the players of color through but like all things it needs time. 13 years is not enough to change what was not seen a "traditional" black sport to a mainstream black sport ! In ten years i think we will have alot of talent coming through in all races! Right now the Jameson's slogan is relevant here! WHATS THE RUSH! The government needs to build it up from the primary school level and high school level for the talent to come through ! Right now i see very little funding coming through for school boy rugby ! So how can they expect transformation without the correct investment in the correct area !
  12. This may seem like a stupid question ! But was could happen ?ith a loose hub !
  13. I would stick with the 12-25 ! I am assuming you not riding C group or lower ! Therefore you wont need anything lower than a 12 as the guys just dont punch out that kinda firepower for extended peroids of time! a 52-12 sees you pedelling at 90 odd rpm at 60km\h! the 25 is fine as i doubt you are a novice and can climb relatively well ! As for the other Questions i dont have enough experience or knowledge to comment sorry
  14. Yes i can beleive it but what i was saying is at my school we help avoid the guys doing so but advising them on what to take ! The boys then are happy as the school helps them and it seems to allevaite the pressure that the school puts on them ! But what does scare me is the popularity of all these Protein shakes and Creatine in the lower grades (grade 10 ,9, 11). The School tuckshop has started to sell it ! I think it is all a matter of time before one smart individual starts offering his fellow mates a specail stuff ! Come to think of it i have seen guys exchange bank packets of unmarked pills being given to boys with the protein shake tub the friend brought them ! I am assured they are legal and not illegal (ie lsd , estacy etc) . anyway it about time drug testing gets put into school boy rugby ! Rowing at the school boy levle is subjected to drug testing !
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