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  1. "Martin Jacobson" is at it again but on Gumtree this time. I thought it sounded fishy and read the february post below : Martin Jacobson <martinjac2020@yahoo.com> . Greetings Jean, I trust you are well. I am interested in buying this for my cousin as a surprise for him, if only you can assure me that everything is in order. I am a petroleum engineer currently on a rig offshore, I want this to be a surprise for my cousin so I won't let him know anything about this until it gets delivered to him. It will be a secure payment via Skrill as I'm on a rig offshore. So let me know if you have an account with Skrill so I can arrange for the payment asap. Please note, a pick up agent will be coming for the pickup as soon as I have made the payment. Beware.
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