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  1. This video definitely helped me! Almost brought to tears then stumbled upon this.
  2. Hi Guys, So i recently bought a dropper but not having clearly read the AD i purchased it too big for my current seat-post. Does any one have experience using a seat-post shim? my current diameter is 27.2mm and the dropper is 31.6mm.... can a seat-post shim help in this regard ?
  3. I read up alot on the minion dhf and many say they the ultimate front tyre ? Some pros run them. Can you confirm its that good ? After today's trail Im convinced it's my tyres as I kept slipping around corners even with lower tyre pressure.
  4. Are you referring to these ? http://app-1805.appdeep.link/products/203915001865
  5. So I double checked the tyres... They are crossmark maxxis. They aren't tubeless not sure if tubeless assists with grip ? What is the widest I could go a standard rim ? 2.3? Im hitting magik forest tomorrow will try and lower the tyre pressure a bit and see what happens. Last week terrain was plenty of tree roots, single track and some rocky climbs. Bike handled we'll just when cornering I was very confident ...
  6. Good evening guys. So the past weekend I did my first trail and Shu what an experience. I struggled with grip.. I have a very standard GT timberland with 2.1 tyres front and rear. My riding buddy who is more professional than me suggested we let some air out to make the tyre grip a bit better ? We did but I still struggled. I eventually slid while taking a turn ... Suppose the grip just wasn't there. So the question is was my lack of experience the reason I struggled or my tyre width ?
  7. Yazpeter


    Wow good read! Seems like Leatt is rated fairly good.
  8. Before getting this cheapie* i was unfortunate to test drive a carbon HT and A dual susp specialize, obviously complete different to each other, each with their own strengths. All i really wanted for this bike was a new shock ( donation from a friend hopefully LOL ) and tyres... tubeless as the current ones have sludge. and before my upgrade one day to make it a 1 x conversion.
  9. Yazpeter


    @seven , i have the same concern with the one size fits all helmets. My understanding is that after a while the helmet will mold to your head size for a snug fit? Don't know how true that is ?
  10. I share the same thought process, i wanna enjoy this bike until i get a new one (saving towards a dual suspension), i wanna learn how to fix and change things on this 'test bike' and i know i'll have to spend but it all for learning and fun i suppose.
  11. Yazpeter


    Ended up doing the EFT as well, purchase successful.
  12. Yazpeter


    i'm looking to get this helmet.. https://www.pinned.co.za/leatt-dbx-2.0-helmet-special.html it doesn't mention MIPS in the description. Any hubster reviews on this model?
  13. The plan was to build the HT into something capable of most routes in CAPE TOWN, and in the meantime save for a dual suspension bike, i completed my first MTB experience on Saturday. The bike well but the shock would sometimes bottom out... i guess if i could get a cheap/second 100/120mm shock that would help a lot. And i'm definitely going to change the bottom bracket to something more modern... the sealed cartridge is a bit outdated
  14. Yazpeter


    I decided against ordering the helmet online because of what you said. Probably best i go in and store and test fit the brand i'm interested in.
  15. Yazpeter


    Thanks meezo. Just added helmet air flex and gloves to my pinned cart but when paying it fails. They are legit hey ? Shows money left my account but the transaction apparently unsuccessful? I'll follow up with fast pay in the morning.
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