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  1. Anyone have info re Substitutions for this Winelands race ?
  2. If still available, I could use the Cone spanners, and a Rear (if that is a rear) skewer
  3. In my experience, clean chain links getting stiff, has always been from changing gears (or chain drop) while under high tension/pressure. But I suspect running cross chain under pressure could also bend side plates.
  4. Man, it's so difficult to keep bugs out of your teeth - from the constant enormous wide smile - on the fantastic Yellow (Fish Eagle) and variety and fun on Blue route on the Bottelary trails at the moment ! Still can't understand why we don't have traffic jams on these trails - so few riders, and what a privilege to have these extensive trails and variety.
  5. Agree. Done the W2W many times and same as the Sani2S - prices just going crazy.
  6. .As you say............ 50% of the entry fee goes into hype. I don't like paying for pointless stuff. Give me a kerkbazaar pretrap in a destination area and I'd be keen. Couldn't agree more ! As far as options for distance; still unlimited options excluding Jonkers; - Banhoek, Boschendal, (out drakenstein/wemmerhoek, Paarl, wellington direction) Botmaskop, then Murant's Murati and Delvera, Simonsberg (only 8km from start ; as crow flies) on the way is Nooitgedagt piece and Elsenberg, In the other direction;- bergpad, g-spot variation creativity, Paradys zig-zag, MontMarie, Stellenzight direction, Wannabee trails, etc. gives lots of potential distances. Have not even mentioned Bottelary trails yet (included in some previous years - they are in fantastic and under-utilised condition !) But, as per a earlier comment, some people just gotta pay and learn for themselves (K en betaal is die wet van transvaal) so, now time to spend my energy on other stuff - and as the saying goes:- The best helmsmen stand on shore
  7. I think the gathering limit is 250 people at the moment - so with entries still open perhaps they are still short - and will go ahead.
  8. The OoT is a month away and seen no advertising nor receiving the normal regular email for the event. Not even listed on the Hub events page. Looked at the OoT webpage and feeling so disappointed with one of my favourite events. Anybody in the know on the apparent disintegration happening to this event ? It is scheduled for next month - Entries still open, so they aren't full from 2020 cancellation carry-overs. Normally, by this time all entries are long sold out. Even if argued that CV19 is keeping riders away - why the increase in fees ? reduced trail options ? (when cutting their cost compared to their past event - thinking of the tents with Breakfasts, Lunches, Bands, I loved this event but even from the second or third year, the entry fees starting climbing - and the organisers kept loading the event management expenses. The elaborate meals and music and tents just add costs that aren't required - (replaced this year with breakfast and lunch packs etc.) 2021 Entry fee now R1,600 for a 45km and 40km route . WTF ? Sure you get a lunch and breakfast packs - This is really a priority and attraction for the riders yeah ? (even adding a cycle top in the package doesn't do it for me. I have three from previous entries and they all fit like sh!t ) Secondly, what is with the 45/40 distances ? And which will most likely be on trails you can ride any day. The challenge and fun of this event was the trails but it takes km to get there and back. Looking back at day1 and day 2 distances: 2014 - we had 65 and 68 2015 - 60 and 65 2016 - 65 and 60 2017 - 55 and 58 2018 - 58 and 49 2019 - 50 and 60 and now 45 and 40 - what ? The route maps have not been announces (Jonkers fire damage contributing) but I don't think there is going to be anything new or exciting from the "routes not open to the public" teaser. I'd rather spend my R50 or R60 permit fee and ride these trails when I want. And don't give me CV19 excuses for R1600 and a ride around the block - all cyclists are desperate to get out on different trails. All we want is water, coke and energy **** at support stations along the way. The only thing I like about the way this event has transformed, is the Stellenbosch Trail fund financial assistance. Rant over, need to go wash my bike and drink a beer
  9. Alan van Heerden - That was a great shop - and always had good prices. Alan v H, very loud guy but very pleasant and was a top rider. Tough as nails - we did many events in those days where he and Robbie MacIntosh dominated. As I remember In those days the Transvaal events seeding were only 4 (or 5) groups - A,B,C,D (?) So, anyone with a bit of ability was in A group - but while Rob and Alan were casually chatting and flying uphill, we were gasping for breath; and they soon dropped us on the hills. Robbie Hunter considered Alan v H as the greatest SA rider ever. Alan was the First SA rider to win a stage in a major (Giro d'italia) and placed well in many of the one day classics. (he was based in Belgium) Alan and Rob (Rambo) won many many local races and stages of tours in SA (example Rapport Tour). But in my opinion the best rider from that era with many victories was Willie Engelbrecht. As far as I recall, in about 2000, Alan was on blood thinning medication after an op and then fairly soon after had a major car crash - and medical help couldn't stop the bleeding. (had serious body and head injuries from crash) Anyway, that "Alan" v Heerden never built bike frames. He might have stocked them in his shop. The ALAN bike is European brand.
  10. Their previous event also for R550 - had only 41 entries (as far as I can see) And they don't think the high entry fee is the reason !?
  11. Greyt Escape 1 Day entry fee R 550 - WTF !
  12. Rooikat fence poles are in and the wire lying ready to be erected. Might have been possible to start it but I worried the end might be closed. So I would say its gone
  13. Had the same issue - I broke the XT caliper Piston while trying to force it back with large flat screwdriver. I rebuilt about a third of the piston with Prattleys Putty - then sanded and made to fit. Rode trails with it for about six months and worked perfectly - before I bought a new lever/caliper set (after breaking the lever in a OTB fall.) At the time I tried to source a Piston but only found these (below) from XTR I think. If anyone can use them, let me know. (size 20.6 x 8.6 on my shitty plastic caliper) NOTE L22 and L23 marking inside
  14. NIKE TRIAX - HR watch. Free to Collect. Running watch with hr transmitter : Polar T31 hr Manual : https://www.manualslib.com/manual/652796/Nike-Hrm-Triax-15.html GONE
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