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  1. Update from Sagan’s Instagram indicates he didn’t have an ablation - internal electrophysiological study found no supraventricular or ventricular arrhythmias of pathological significance. He did have a subcutaneous event recorder implanted to monitor for future monitoring though
  2. tl;dr: not surgery that will stop him from continuing to race. Same thing Viviani and Fidanza had done in the past.
  3. Sagan undergoes heart surgery today after the scare in Valencia: he exceeds 200 heartbeats on a mountain bike (Italian) https://www.gazzetta.it/Altri-Mondi/23-02-2024/sagan-oggi-si-opera-al-cuore-la-paura-a-valencia-supera-200-battiti-in-mountain-bike.shtml
  4. I am so pumped after an excruciating off-season. The Visma-LAB rats looking like the team to beat in the classics. Lefefefe has since backtracked claiming that statement was end of 2022. https://www.wielerflits.nl/nieuws/patrick-lefevere-nuanceert-kritiek-aan-adres-van-julian-alaphilippe-mijn-woorden-klinken-te-zwaar/ Regardless, it is poor form that he brought Alaphilippe's wife into it and had to air his dirty laundry in public once again. https://cycling.today/ is sometimes better.
  5. thank you, still taking baby steps while my legs get used to impact but will keep it in mind when they adapt
  6. So I could do 2 min off, 1 min on? my route doesn't have many light poles and isn't very linear
  7. So, how do I go about getting a running problem? I walk briskly for about 11 km a day and got to thinking, if I started running, it wouldn't take as much time. Honestly, I am clueless.
  8. i thought it was the middle age, propensity for a bierpens and the lycra that is a little too tight and revealing
  9. how do you suggest we do this? dress in camo lycra and skop, skiet and donner everyone on our way to get lattes in Noordhoek?
  10. yes, 2 different riders but both managed to slip through. sounds like they just tried to pull them from their bikes
  11. Heard of 2 attempted muggings this morning, under the bridge, heading away from town.
  12. just add a 200mm stem. problem solved
  13. i prefer to slander them without trying to communicate with them
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