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  1. I think it is the S-Works Epic Carbon Disc... I prefer the S-Works Enduro SL Carbon when it comes to frame and rear suspension design...looks like it is more solid and that it was designed by KONA ...hehehe ( ok sorry that slipped)
  2. mmmoukaay if you say so, I tried to find more pics on it .. what is it called, I am not familiar with the Specialized brand
  3. kom boet! sharing is caring...
  4. looks pretty.... but the shock is placed right where you don't want it...in the mud, or firing line of mud...
  5. Ok, if someone gave you 10K to blow on a MTB (and you have to) would you blow it all on the expensive one or go cheaper and blow the change on stuff like shoes, heart rate montior etc,etc,etc....????
  6. AiKona

    DS MTB

    Morewood stocked int JNB by bike shack : 011 469 4965
  7. yes I am watching the www.BIKEBAY.co.za site a buddy of mine bought a real bargain there. There is a TREK Fuel 90 - 2004 but I am worried it is a bit old.
  8. Ja ... so far RM4 vs Avalance disk1 and the RM6 against the Zaskar Expert....mmm cannot decide.... raleigh seem little bit cheaper, but then again I like the GT frames...
  9. I am looing for a MTB under R10 000. So far it is between the Raleigh (and wear a mask) and the Zaskar Expert Disk. Any other Ideas ??? I am even thinking of getting something a bit cheaper for now - GT 1 disk for about R5600. yes/no/madness? I am battling to get Kona prices, as mine was stolen recently - any good contacts out there? FANX ouens!
  10. Oom Big H, ek vind ou HOES se comment baie snaaks....iets van "bigh you ol fart" dit laat my mos nou dink .... die FAK het die week aangekondig dat die woord POEP nie meer mag bestaan nie ( te veel mense neem aanstoot), so die nuwe naam vir POEP is nou BROEK-HOES en die HAT word aandgepasanyway my punt is: dis vir my baie snaaks hoe hirrie jong laaities to te kere kan gaan om ne REG te kan wees.. dan gaan respek vir ander uit die deur of sal ek se^ in die regter baan in .....HOES ou maat, lyk my jou naam is ook bietjie verkeerd, ek sal jou maar van nou af BROEK-HOES noem want dit pas jou nogal Big H, ek smaak jou rustige karakter...lekker!
  11. Windbreaker, I was wondering about your name ( and the way you speak to Big H) does Windbreaker imply the speed at which you ride or your level of flatulance? Any way good night, you really need to hang up-side down now and get some blood back into that thick bony part of yours....
  12. BaieSukkel, if you want to live by African rule then sell you roadbike, grow hair on those smooth skinny legs and get use to a MTB, since TAR roads are not a big feature in Africa... Perhaps we can even fit your new MTB with those blue plastic wheels that one can fill with water so that your cycling escapades can be put to good use and fetch water while you are at it
  13. BaieSukkel why don't you just get a horse with that argument...( and fall it like what-his-name?)
  14. sorry only one pic, and operated the camera while stationary at the RED robot. agreed 101, I 'ride alone on road, that way I am safer..in the veld I ride in a group
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