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  1. About 10 years ago I suggested to my wife that we take up golf together because of this and also it was a sport we could do together without having to worry about one having to wait for the other like when we run or cycle. It turned out great and she constantly beats me, unlike running or cycling where I would beat her 😁 She’s always bragging about how she started and finished with the same ball, unlike moi who has to carry a bag of spare balls in his golf bag
  2. Soooooo….. which club colours will you be striding out in…..ie which club did you join?
  3. We’ve been to a few different TDF stages (Monaco, Paris, London) and I prefer the start of a stage as you can stroll around all the team busses while the mechanics get the bikes ready and where the riders warm up on their rollers. We went to Monaco when LAnce was riding for Astana…. By pure flook we booked into the same hotel as LA and a host of other riders were staying in. My tip for anyone going is not take too many pictures of the actual racing, usually the pics come out quite blah and you miss seeing the riders. July is my birthday month and wifey has just this week booked us into a Monaco hotel very close to where the team busses will be parked for the start for the 2024 tour. Hopefully Vroomie and a few Saffas manage to find their way into the tour.
  4. I won’t admit to years of riding for years with unwashed helmets, but I I do know where you coming from 😆 Occasionally I’ll take it into shower and give it a good shampooing Maybe the OP could try that with an anti itch (dandruff) shampoo? Even Mathieu vd Poel does if the Alpicin adverts are to be believed
  5. /\ THIS /\ and stay away from the same at the finish each day…. I still get nauseous thinking about those Woolies sandwiches they used to hand out each day. Try prepack your own food and snacks for each day, put some real food in your gut not just gels….unless you’re used to living on gels When / if you get sick 🤢 REHIDRAT is your best friend, make sure you take enough sachets with for the whole week, if you don’t need them there will be someone who does and you’ll have a buddy for life.
  6. Luckily it’s 7 days and not a 365 challenge
  7. 😗 did someone mention millions 😗
  8. I reckon anyone with blue skies like that and temperatures above the 20 deg C should have to do double the distance / 1000km. jealousy makes me honest 🤙
  9. I’ll raise you Wham Last Christmas sorri I can’t bring myself to post the video
  10. My pleasure I tried to donate enough to round it off to 20K, but fell a bit short with exchange rate conversion
  11. It’s possible in Rouvy, as I recall there is an option where you can choose to ride with companions (not other real life people) but a computer generated image of other riders who circulate around you just like in a bunch, and you can choose to benefit from drafting. I think there is also the option to time trial against a cgi “bot”
  12. “We saw a whopping R237 million in sales proactively confirmed by users. Thats nearly R20 million a month” Sooooo 😇 How much does le bike hub make out of this?
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