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  1. So far I know they've been incorporated into Sprocket & Jack http://sprocketandjack.co.za/
  2. Thanks for the replies. I popped into CL (Fourways) & Northcliff Cycles... They can do it but both are out of stock :/ guess I'll wait for the new year.
  3. Howdy, I'd like pimp my bike a bit and change brake hoses to white braided...is this something my LBS can do or should I find a specialist (any recommendations?)
  4. My sincerest condolences to the family - my thoughts are with you during this time.
  5. Ok, but do you have a picture of a swedish exchange student trying? PS: Subscribed EdoardoBianchi2009-08-25 06:39:06
  6. I would assume you've followed the instructions to pair the strap and the device? It needs to be told to look for it before it recognises it...Manual, Px
  7. If you're looking for a basic computer, Cateye is prolly as good as it gets. I used Sigma Sport in a past life. Solid and reliable.Try to get wireless speed for a much cleaner look. IMHO, you might want to consider going the Polar/Garmin route, giving you normal bike functions and HR all in one unit, as well as PC-based data analytics.
  8. Clip in. Find school. Wait for school-out. Fall over. All subsequent spills should be pleasant by comparison.
  9. Dirt highway, and only weekdays...Weekends are already split between NFarms, Groenkloof and The Spruit
  10. Anyone living in Fourways/Craigavon who's keen for a regular morning MTB ride in the Craigavon A/H & Chartwell area? 1.5 hrs starting 05:00 or 06:00 at Broadacres BP, avg around 20km/h...
  11. Thanks all for an awesome ride - had a great time! Same time (sorry, Kadee!), next week Saturday?
  12. I've edited my first post on pg 1 to include the "ride schedule"...
  13. Look, Hog_ sounds like a major cop-out not pitching for a ride but hosting a braai afterwards? I like your style though... My guess is that we'll be back at the trail-head by 10:00 latest (heck, any later and I'm being served divorced papers in ICU in a manner of speaking.
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