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  1. As the title says, I lost my Blue Jawbreakers out of my pocket while climbing the Old Cape Road in Knysna this evening. Hoping some kind hubber may have stumbled across them but I think they were picked up by a car as I checked back the whole hill after I summitted.
  2. I would be interested, but I agree - a longer warranty would be preferable. Also maybe a quality (or wear rating) of the components you are receiving and those you are trading in could be a good idea.
  3. If this doesn't come right could I please grab second claim? Willing to drive through, mine needs replacement as it's super rusty. Keep well
  4. Some guys are selling their Specialized bikes for super high prices, almost more than new now that they have been discounted. I don't want to dm them but I guess if you buy the bike without doing your research and its a happy buyer happy seller, no one is hurt. (until the buyer wants to sell I suppose)
  5. I know I am a bit late to the party, and I haven't read it all, but I! I think it would be incredibly useful to bring back the comments. Of course the dibs system has its place, but I think it also serves a great function for prospective buyers. I am looking at upgrading my road bike from an old De Rosa that I use to cross train for other sports, and the comments would have aided me in a few ways. Firstly on my ad trying to find out the value of the bike, it would have been cool to have engagement. I got a few messages (some of which clearly hadn't read the ad), and some were very insightful, but I think it would have been suitable for them to be underneath the ad for other users to see. Secondly, in my search for an upgrade, I think it would be great if some of the bikes had comments underneath either assisting the seller in where to find some more details (hopefully not in a patronizing way) and pointing out some unfair pricing (I have relied on some friends for this but always appreciate the help). I'm sure I am mostly preaching to the choir here, hope you all are staying safe and keeping fit
  6. Update: They have replied that they are expecting to release the 945 in September.
  7. I have been waiting since May for the 945, want to buy it with Vitality so I have to get it form Sportsmans or Total Sport. When I emailed customer support they said mid July, then when it didn't come out then they said late July, and now they have stopped responding. Really looking forward to the upgrade.
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