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  1. Harrison Ford still has great form when it comes to his choice of cycles. Can't vouch for his sock choices however ...
  2. They recycle pods? One hopes so as pod recycling is currently at ridiculously low single-digit-percentage levels. Excuse me, the old git will see himself out.
  3. Luuuurve it! A thing of exceptional beauty. I spent four and a half hours of joy down and through the valley and along the coast on my beloved Cannondale HT today and I'd be inclined to spend a load more time on that beauty. Fully deserves a couch photo. Congrats!
  4. Have to agree, T20's a bit of a proverbial crapshoot. I love the intensity of closely fought test cricket and how a well-thought change of tactics and the response can turn a match. Really enjoy travelling to Newlands and Wanderers and MCG and Lords and The Oval, and I've usually been brilliantly rewarded even when doing so spontaneously. Newlands is especially glorious.
  5. … said the ex-wife four kids later. No worries, I won't be posting any toolbag pics. Mainly 'cos Michael's stylish Italian toolbag is far prettier.
  6. 🤣🤣 Nice quip. English summer days can get long and hot. I remember a heatwave in the summer of 2003 with seven successive days with temps in the high 30ºCs in London. That trip was primarily to watch the Proteas klap England at Lords and to get laid but I also did several voluntary shifts with London Accident and Emergency Service. 461 people died of heatstroke in London in those seven days. Just an "aside".
  7. Love black labbies, I've not met one that wasn't sharp and rapidly trainable. One, called Matti, most certainly saved my life when three armed thugs rushed at me from behind a tree near my gate as I walked to manually close it after arriving home late at night.
  8. Aaaah! The image of that taxi and the event sickens me. As a long-time critical care paramedic before starting related businesses I well know how it is dealing with that scene.
  9. Hear here! Truly so, EG. I've bought kit from a couple of LBSs and this kit from an Asian retailer is similar quality. It's done hard rotation in a 6 to 7 day cycling week for more than a year with zero sign of decay:
  10. Most interesting. I haven't really considered that beautiful piece of road a pass but the description fits. Thank you.
  11. Mostdef, an abiding memory while visiting the now out-laws in Oudtshoorn two decades ago was my Alpina taking me up the pass to camp solo on a clear and still full moon night in the snow. Thomas Baine's final and most spectacular pass, and a brilliant mini adventure. That's it, I'm already planning the road trip to (edit:) cycle the Swartberg Pass on the way to visiting the kids in CT. Thanks.
  12. Would one say that Wayne's a glass-half-full kinda guy?
  13. Simply stunningly beautiful! And I might be qualified to comment regarding aesthetics as I've grown accustomed to being accused of being with "the most gorgeous women on the planet". What a beeyoootiful feat of design and engineering! I'd trade a kidney-and-a-half for your Mobu.
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