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  1. Congrats! Great looking. 2022 spec? From your LBS (which) or online?
  2. Awesome price. Have you felt the need to upgrade the coil fork?
  3. Some peeps have their priorities firmly SORTED. Spot on pseudonym as well.
  4. I’d like to take this mo’ to dedicate the entire thread to the long-distant ex. I’ve been a fan of bitchy, ask the ex. You’ve a long way to go to earn this t-shirt bru. PS. I bought it off eBay and at the start of each course “showed and telled” that it would be awarded to the most deserving student. Worked a treat, never awarded.
  5. Got it bru. I guess (my) satire doesn’t readily translate in print, or gif... I remain a fan of your wit.
  6. 1. McLaren 2. McLaren Who would have predicted this? ME! Ok just the Ricciardo win. Ask my BIL, he knows.
  7. Faaarking hilarious interview! What an overly-earnest chop, easily the most navel gazing case of self-absorption. Thanks for the laughs.
  8. “My mama told me to always keep good posture”. ~ Lukas Knopf
  9. Now that Mr Kaal Nohouse is jobless, if anyone here knows him please pass this employment opportunity along to him:
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