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  1. Last time I saw this type of thing was on the playground in Pre-Primary.
  2. We all continually talk of sending teams overseas to gain experience, not only cycling but other sports as well. However there needs to be a bigger picture of how we are going to use this experience in the long run. I think that is were we shoot ourselves in the foot, as a country, not having the correct administration in place to put a long term plan in place and see it through. We certainly have plenty talent in this country but do not seem able to get to the top.
  3. Is there any performance advantage in using the Ultegra cassette over the 105 cassette, other than the small weight saving?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, just wanted confirmation as I suspected that this was the case. Suppose it must be the same ie9 or 10 speed.
  5. Is the Ultegra 10 speed cassette compatable with the 105 STI/rear shifter?
  6. HI, I am looking for an 18 tooth rear sprocket for a track bike. My 10 year old son has started track and the bike he is using currently has a 16, LBS is having difficulty sourcing one from the suppliers (back order) Am in PE so will pay postage.
  7. Hi Mandibles, I have a CS200 and find that it is under recording distance. No sure on the speed reading. I have just changed the wheel setting from the one recommended in the book as when i measured the distance of one rotation I found about 1% difference. This however is not enough as I was out by about 5%. I did notice that at slow speed, ie when going up a hill at 10kph the speed would drop out and record 0. This could also account for the low distance. To try and correct this I have moved the sensor as high up the fork as possible, just under the brake, and will see if this helps. Will keep you informed.
  8. wisecrack, saw you win the duvet, pity it is now summer. My son did me proud and won the u10 30km race.
  9. Forgot to mention that the timing company have still got it as 100km so I have a great time.
  10. How do you all feel about races not been the advertised distance? I entered a race that was advertised as 100km, but when I went to pick up my entry was told it was 80km. However it then turned out to be approx 85km. Surely with modern technology it is not difficult to determine the accurate distance and advertise it as such.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I will try the suggestions and keep looking for a solution. This is why open source software is such a good thing, you do not get tied down to one supplier, as in my case now.
  12. I have a Polar CS200 and would like to know if there is software available to download and manipulate the data. I do not like using the Polar website as I have no control over my data and must always have an Internet Connection for access.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the advice, I will get an IDT this weekend and give it a try. Any advice on which make to get?
  14. I also only have one bike and do not want to buy a stationary bike for training when the weather is grim, which is quite often here in PE.
  15. Do you use your normal road bike on an Indoor Trainer or an old spare? I want to know if it is possible to damage your bike on the stand?
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