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  1. Thanks @Schnavel the PTA one was great when I visited awhile back. maybe Paarl is my next stop. I took it to freewheel Cycology to do the November service so I’ll report back what the say and do on this issue. I’m not a fan of swapping out parts because I try keep the stanchions spotless and could get back something that not so well maintained and would have a shorter lifespan.
  2. Thanks @Mookconfirms the rumour. Anyone know if there is a non brain shock that could fit a 2014 specialized?
  3. @Schnavel who do I talk to at specialized? The workshop guys at the store? They’re just following policy. Take this for example. I had a dropper serviced by them in August and it leaked air by December. I took it back and they said it’s unfixable. I argued with the workshop about warranty on a service but they shrug you off and just say what the main Stellenbosch head workshop guy told them. Buy a new one. @DieselnDust I have no idea. I didn’t think to check before I sent it in. Will do this time.
  4. Yeah that’s my gripe is that only specialized are able to work on their proprietary parts at their set price with no competition how do I know the technician did make an error And I’ve heard rumours that they swap around parts from different bikes
  5. Hi Droo. Thanks for the reply. Bike did about 110 hours since the service and the start of the squelching and brain issue. Isn’t the expected service internal 200hours? here’s a pic of the leaking oil
  6. My fox brain rear shock had a full service in November last year. On return it constantly leaked oil which didn’t seam to concern local specialized agent when I emailed photos. Now the brain isn’t activating so I’m peddling a water bed. Anyone else have a similar issue and whats the likelihood Specialized offering to redo the service at their cost. also, has anyone successfully found and installed a non brain rear shock to their 2014 epic?
  7. Thanks for the info. That’s cheap enough to risk it
  8. So the Aliexpress stuff is legit? Could we put a single order in for all the parts various people need and split postage?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I’m in Cape Town. Garmin told me to drop off at a sportsmans warehouse. So I went to one and they said average time to get a quote is 3 weeks.
  10. I have searched YouTube and the removal and fitting looks straight forward. It’s just about finding the part. I phoned garmin and the don’t give you an estimated cost. You have to send it in to get a quote. But that takes 3 weeks.
  11. Anyone had experience replacing a garmin forerunner screen. My 235 is cracked. Is the garmin workshop your only option? What is the cost normally? Anyone tried importing one and fitting it yourself?
  12. Hi. A friend is looking for a XD freehub for these wheels. Would a Mavic one work possible?
  13. Are these still available on the market?
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