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  1. All This discussion is getting interesting. I think R12k for a Willier gravel frame is cheap for a good quality steel frame. I suspect Mercer would be at least double the price ?
  2. Thank you Cois for sharing your very personal experience with the forum. We are all rooting for you that you may continue to make progress to overcome the illness!!
  3. Had a Momsen AL429 with the same problem. Momsen alu frames are sub standard. I transferred all the parts and components onto a Scott frame. I could not even give the Momsen frame away (nevermind sell it). In the end i threw it into the rubbish bin.
  4. Thank you all for so much insight🙏Mountain Bru, you really make me think whether it would not be better to go for a monster cross. I have not ridden Gravel bikes before. I thought that they would handle rough Gravel (I. e not just smooth Gravel). This would open a whole new debate😊
  5. Thank you for the reply. I do appreciate it. Regards MG22
  6. I am considering a "Farr Out" Gravel Frame. I am hesitant because I do not know how good they are ? Do any of you have experience with this frame ? I just want to avoid repeating the mistake in the past where I bought a Momsen hardtail which turned out to wobble (flex) when I went over 30 km per hour). Your feedback will be appreciated.
  7. Thank you "Steady Spin" for pointing me in the right direction. They (brandstable) have exactly what I am looking for. I will definitely order something from them.
  8. Thank you all for such excellent feedback. I really do appreciate it. I will definitely check out the different options. Being a MTB rider I will also look for Leatt & ION shirts. Just a question: where in jhb would I find Leatt long sleeve or ION long sleeve shirts ?
  9. I am looking for the following: I need a long sleeve cycling jersey that is light. Most long sleeve jerseys are quite warm (they are more like jackets). They are great for winter but not for summer. I really need one for summer (that protects me from the sun, but at the same time is cool enough). The reason why I want a long sleeve shirt/jersey is for protection against the sun. It must be made of thin material so that it is not too warm in summer. What can you recommend ? Looking forward to your feedback.
  10. Great conversation going on in this forum. I have learnt a lot about the diffs between XCO and Trail bikes. I also love the debate re "consumerism" etc. 👍
  11. Thank you Chris F for a different perspective. However I do prefer riding outside though. 🤣😂
  12. Thank you all for excellent feedback. Yes. The point about keeping feet, head, hands warm is also making me think. I will definitely check out all the other options that you guys have posted. 👍
  13. Thank you "steady spin" for your reply. This is good info. Exactly what I am looking for👍
  14. I have the following dilemma: When riding in winter I only need my jacket for the first few minutes (ie until I have warmed myself up from the inside). Then the jacket (soft shell) is just too warm. It becomes superfluous. I then have to "shlep" carry the jacket for the next few hours all the way to the end. Are there any "light" jackets on the market that give you just enough warmth and that can easily be folded or stached away on the bike? Any advice will be welcome🙏 Thank you
  15. The fact that there is an active second hand market is encouraging cycling. It enables many cyclists to acquire quality cycles (and accessories etc) at reasonable (affordable) prices. This is really good for bringing cycling to the people.
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