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  1. Just purchased the Garmin Instinct Solar, and am extremely happy with it. I'm not so sure the solar charging is a gimmick on the solar, as the power glass covers a bigger area than the Fenix range, so will probably be more efficient in that regard. The Fenix range just didn't appeal to me for the price. Too many functions I will never use.
  2. Makes sense, although I find my left being the weaker hand, won't accidentally grip the front brake too hard, whereas the right can modulate so as not to lock out the back brake
  3. Always had my right brake controlling the rear, and can't understand why a country would make this a law. Surely it's personal preference. I imagine if it had to be swapped around, it would be like driving an automatic car for the first time, and then jamming on the brake thinking it's the clutch, and putting yourself through the front window....
  4. Can totally vouch for this course. Instructors were amazing, and it opened my eyes to how much more fun you can have on your bikes when they're pointing down. It was worth every penny, even if you don't want to race, but have more control over your ride. Now just itching to do my first Enduro.
  5. Beautiful bike wow! Keen to hear how these high pivot designs ride. Now will you please fix the picture in the background!
  6. You're not allowed to fly so close to people without the proper qualifications, but it's also not the riders responsibility to watch out for the drone, it's the pilots duty to make sure to stay far enough away so the rider doesn't get hit. In saying that though, the whole draw to these things is the close proximity you can get to the subject you're filming, and getting quite a long stretch of the riders run, without having multiple cameras setup on course. But yes, completely agree on how distracting it could be.
  7. I fly and race FPV drones, and watching them film the guys at the World Cups even annoys me. How the organisers allow that blows my mind. It must be incredibly distracting for the riders having the sound of a swarm of wasps buzzing your head while trying to negotiate a gnarly section of track. The footage is awesome though
  8. I love my AMS protection. Has saved my frame from numerous scratches and nics just from transporting the bike, and that's not even considering what it does for me on the trail. Each to their own though, and some of their designs are a bit kitch, but they have clear versions that won't upset the fashion conscious. Trailtech are open again, so i'd try them, or alternatively Cyclelab sell the Marvel version, which is almost half the price, but equally as good.
  9. So bleak about this. Had nothing but good service from them
  10. Literally just bought the same shoes, niiiice!
  11. This guy proves you can still shred while packing some weight https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRHQxgphRaC/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. We're so alike its frightening ha ha... Droppers have opened my eyes to some gnarly enduro lines, and I couldn't be happier. This XC stuff just doesn't float the boat anymore. Oh, 43 years of age, and learning new tricks by the day
  13. I'll 2nd this suggestion. Just recently bought this one over the convertible version, and I love it. Light enough to wear all day, and well ventilated. I removed the grill on the chin bar and its even breezier now. Bought it to use for all the gravity stuff, and have a Giro for the rest. Finding stock of any other helmets was a PIA, and the prices of the Bell, Smith Mainline and Troy lee were just ludicrous.
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