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  1. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/cranksets/507623/compaqnolo
  2. Bicycle Service Centre is good. they are TREK dealers otherwise Mellovelo is also a good option - they have a lot of variety
  3. The 50km route takes just shy of 3 hours going at a reasonable pace for a fit rider (A group). stopping every now and then to look at the statues and of course a sneak peak at the lake. 40-60% of it is on golf cart tracks. the remaining is zigzag type route to make up the distance. i rode it and do not see any reason to go ride it again bar the fact its safe. it is a very forgettable boring route.
  4. 10-15% off my requested Assos items. not a great sale, but something. only issue is they do not have any stock in my size so i'm going to be missing out
  5. was offered between 10 and 15% off on my order. but only on sizes currently in stock. makes my basket not worth anything as its all to large then. pity
  6. well i have asked and am awaiting feedback. i'm hoping that is a legit sale. i'll post back with details
  7. I rode the wet 2019 version of this race (chardonnay) it was awesome! the rain made for extra gees! i am now again doing the Chardonnay - two reasons. i don't want to get sucked into racing the event. i rather want to ride it fairly hard and just enjoy the surrounds!
  8. Furbz

    947 Ride Joburg

    Got to ride the MTB route in Steyn City yesterday. I am so glad i did not enter the MTB race! i'd be really upset paying close on R500 only to find 40-60% of the route is on concrete golf cart tracks - really not joking about this seriously for the first 25km you might as well have slicks and a close range cassette. the last 25km is mostly offroad. even that was not great. i'd say there was only 1 section of around 1.5km that was fun. the rest felt like it was just zigzagging on boring paths that are not maintained to make up the distance.
  9. will be interesting to hear rider feedback. all the feedback i have ever heard regarding the brain is - its brilliant for racing XC but otherwise too harsh for everyday use. will be keen to hear if this is that same with this new system. it might be faster, but its still reacting after the fact.
  10. Using a decent pair of bibs? I have found any on the Ciovita shorts are great for around 6 months, makes no difference between the high end or low end ones, the chamois all last around 6 months. after that i start getting sore sit bones. i have 3 sets in rotation doing +- 8-10hours a week. love Ciovita tops. but the bibs are a no go. I since switched to Assos. a year down the line again with 3 bibs in rotation and my ass is still very comfortable. Saddle is also a big part, i used to like the Spez Romin saddle, but after riding a Bontager Aeolus Saddle i swapped everything to Aeolus. absolutely love that saddle.
  11. Richard Baxter is phenomenal. Does bike fits at Mellovelo so close enough for you. I've been riding competitively for 15 years plus and thought I knew my stuff setting up all my own bikes. I eventually started getting neck and shoulder pain. Went for a fit and basically all but the saddle height contact points shifted plenty. At first I felt to compact compared to my self setup. Took a few km to get used to it. I then found I could put more power down and it felt less strained. Funny I chose to go against advice and kept the bars high as it was my demo bike and needed to be able to offer customers options. I still had some neck and shoulder issues. My new bike arrived(same frame, custom paint job) and I followed Richard's advice and actually slammed the stem. Guess what, no more neck and shoulder pain! Get a professional bike fit it's the best money you can spend. Period. There is no need for pain on bikes under any circumstances.
  12. i get you. but hard to sniff salts mid race. you need to be able to get into that space on your own to perform in the field
  13. Hoping to hear some good feedback on OrangeSeal for road use. the Regular Sealant is touted as one of the best internationally for road use. https://lanoysports.co.za/collections/orange-seal On the tubeless tire side of things. My Parlees come with Vittoria Corsa 2.0 28mm tubeless tires - they are stunning to ride. the most comfortable tire i have ever used. but at R1800 a tire - yes per tire. i will not be replacing like for like. i also needed tire levers and a compressor to seat these tires. I tried Pirelli Z Zero tires - came with a set of zipps i bought. ran them with tubes. in 10 rides i had 10 punctures in the cradle. roughly 1000km. popped them straight into the bin. i have since been demoing the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires and am sold on them. not quite as comfy as the Vittoria to begin with, but they seem to loosen up and feel really good after a few 100km. in my case they went on easy without the need of tire levers, and mounted with a standard floor pump to the Zipps. they held pressure perfectly through the night without sealant. so very impressed. so far i have 1200 odd km on them without fault. and at R730 a tire they are much cheaper to run. as a side, a mate also tried these and broke levers trying to mount them to his older Bontrager wheels. so it appears the newer tires tend to play well with newer rims, but can give issue when used on older rims? https://lanoysports.co.za/collections/goodyear/products/goodyear-eagle-f1-tubeless-complete
  14. Is this amateur hour? I find sniffing ground chilli flakes to really get the juices flowing
  15. Nothing Special to my weekend ride. Went out on Sunday in the wind. Standard caves and back loop in the cradle. felt strong so decided to push it and loved every moment. had a ride that just makes you want to ride more. Flip i love riding!
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