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  1. Kiesenhofer, a recognized time trialist but without a WorldTour team or any teammates in the race, came into the event as an absolute outsider for a medal but a perfect storm of questionable tactics from the major nations – especially the Netherlands - and incredible legs from the 30-year-old were enough to seal the gold medal in dramatic style. What a ride. I really am a fan of no radios in racing
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dropper-seat-posts/488131/sram-axs-dropper-seatpost A used dropper for R2k more than buying new from Amazon.
  3. my shins can feel this add https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/pedals/432212/1x-wellgo-lu-961-pedal
  4. this makes more sense for gravel https://coefficientcycling.com/products/rr-road-race-handlebar?variant=38154130292907
  5. yep, got the same result. i have ordered the KCNC carbon ones. i just have to hope they will not bite into the carbon rail of the saddle
  6. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/seat-posts/468547/trek-madone-slr-seatpost pretty sure this belongs here. this is a 5mm setback not a 25mm setback. and good condition? its scratched and has bizarre road rash like damage to the seatpost mounting on one side - those are over R1k to replace.
  7. i'm looking to replace mine, but not for weight saving.i have short legs so need my saddle all the way forward. my seatpost allows this but is limited by its top mount piece so this should get me in the right position
  8. i would also try out Volvo - rebranded Thule rack with nicer lights. i bought mine from the Durban branch. at the time it was around 40% cheaper than buying from Thule - all i have to put up with is a small volvo sign on the rack
  9. Make sure the tires and rims while using the rack are clear and not at the same height as the exhaust pipe. I learnt an expensive lesson. Also. Get one that tilts, I cannot explain how often I have used that function.
  10. JHB? - mine all happened riding the cradle route.
  11. you are a braver man than me. apparently the issue lies in the tire bead not being strong enough - not reinforced for hookless so it has a chance of stretching and blowing off the rim
  12. my 2 cents. with the changing tires and rim designs standards are a real mess right now. but in general stick to ETRTO compliant rims and tires. I really struggled to get vittoria corsa 2.0's to mount to my Zipp 353s and 454s (hookless). had to use levers, soap and a compressor to get them on and to seat. after that they went flat within minutes without sealant. obviously with sealant all is well. the above said, i love them. they are very compliant and comfortable ride. i just fitted a set of Goodyear eagle F1 28mm to the 454's to test them out. i was able to put them on with just my hands and seat them with a floor pump. they also held pressure for a full 24 hours without sealant(i pumped them to 4 bar and they were still round but softish the next day). all good signs Riding them they are not as compliant and comfortable as the Vittoria Corsa 2.0s but keep in mind they cost half the price. i sold a set of 25mm F1s to a friend who really struggled to get them on his non-tubeless clincher bontrager carbon rims. he even called to say he was struggling. hence why i bring up the tire and rim standards being a mess. I have tried the pirelli p zeros and had 10 flats in 10 rides (running tubes). maybe that was poor luck but i got so over punctures i swapped them out immedately for GP5000s i absolutely love the GP4000 and Gp5000 range of tires. i am a die hard fan. i just never had issues riding them. fast, light, good mileage and decent puncture protection. If they were hookless compatible they would be my go to. as they are not i have been exposed to other options and am still learning. i read an article that Giant test tubeless tires on their rims by inflating to 1.5x stated maximum pressure. there is more to their testing than that but notably the GP5000 and Vittoria Corsa 2.0 failed in those tests...
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