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  1. Best place for you to start is join the JMBC THE Johannesburg Mtb club on face book they have a ride at new place every Sunday with slow short ride on green to longer race pace blue ( 4 groups slow to fast ) https://www.jmbc.org.za Join and you get the what’s app every week lots of ep and support to ride.
  2. I would like believe SA is a big market but compered to the USA the whole of SA orders account for a small town in the USA. So much effort, so many difficulties to deal -big company’s don’t need the orders from say Benoni ( with respect )
  3. How safe is Groenkloof these days ? Very keen to ride their this weekend.
  4. I have heard a number issues with Evobikes at the club rides. Personally had realy great service at Summitbikes (CT) the chap at Summitbike is a bike parts genuis and CWC both are highly recommend. LBS great but limited range. Online bike stores should adopt a no hassle refunds and returns in 14 days or if product fails replacement with in12 months.
  5. Have two Lyne droppers / never had a days trouble, works perfectly cost me a third of my fox transfer which had problems and probably a third of my rock shock which was the worst dropper I ever had.
  6. Over the years besides the new bikes I have bought at a store I have also purchased bikes and parts on the hub it’s mainly been a absolutely pleasure, met some great people and most are very honest. Only had two kind of bad, nothing major experiences. I would strongly suggest looking at the bike before buying it and the pasts ask for pics. If you can’t find anything you like in two years there a problem..
  7. The heavy metal frames of gravel bikes makes them unpleasant for the short few hours to one day rides most of us do. If you planing a three week to 3 year slow ride they fine. They not fun they heavy and cumbersome. There is no perfect bike it depend on what you like to ride and “were you ride”. I use my gravel on the road and it made me love road riding its like a magic carpet ride. It a carbon frame and on smooth gravel was ok but on slightly rougher stuff I was dreaming of my MTB with 2,35 tires. The roads are in such a bad shape in many parts of SA that I find the gravel a perfect bike for smooth comfortable and kind of fast riding with out fatigue.
  8. I think it be around 11kg a lot of loot for a 11 kg bike- I can't see to much special but its looks good.
  9. I suspect they are scammers as the sight is up and the prices relevant and bank info online.
  10. Then they should take the website down - they update stocks and prices so some must be doing something and they have their bank details on site - my opinion THEY ARE SCAMMERS!
  11. I am trying to contact Cycle Factory online store- both their email and there numbers don't work.
  12. Safty is paramount these days - I first check safety then km and meters climb per day.
  13. From UK And TREK Research- For those who dabble or cross into the dark art of road riding - Research from Bontrager using a rear red bike lights with a bright daylight-visible flash, is the single most effective measure a cyclist can take to avoid being rammed by a vehicle. Recent studies show you're up to 240% more noticeable than a rider using no lights at all. A bright front white flashing light makes you more than 210% more noticeable to cars you will pass, that has stopped at a Stop or traffic light. This should prevent fatal T-bone accidents. A quality, bright light can be spotted 2km away. It can take up to 100m for a driver to unlock a phone when driving at 60km looking down. Wearing bright light colors vests such a Fluorescent material reflects non-visible ultraviolet light in the visible spectrum, making it look about 200% brighter in daylight than conventional colors. This change of bright cycling vest can reduce the chances of an accident by 22 to 32% ~ British road safety Association. An added bonus is wearing a light cycling vest lowers your vest surface temperature by up to 5 Celsius the difference between heatstroke and cool bananas.
  14. Any tips please on how to stop SRAM force brakes from always “Moaning” and squeaking when applied? If there is another post like this please kindly direct me to it. Thank you.
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