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  1. Thank you, was also leaning towards that light unit......
  2. Any feedback on what model you decided on? Not sure "how much" light is enough?
  3. Covid and the issues surrounding it have created a perfect storm for the whole value chain where manufacturing is concerned. Supply vs Demand, and just exactly why should supply be increased when Demand keeps on paying what is demanded, whether fair or not......
  4. I'm also toying with the idea of doing the Nova, but can one ride it leisurely or is it a "race"? I've just got back on to the bike and looking for something to work towards albeit rather soon. Will be doing it on a "modern" GB.
  5. tough one, same happened to me in 2016, looking back at it they made the right decision, but it is really shite dealing with it now. Good luck and heal well.
  6. Why does it not get any uci points anymore?
  7. You seem kinda screwed if you have not ridden any events since your last CTCT. So my last couple of consistantly been between 3 and 4 hours, yet my seeding for this one is BY FAR the latest I've ever started.
  8. When you "explore" some unknown roads inevitably you run out of "normal" road........
  9. Is it just me or is the tummy bug more prevalent or "visible" in the pro peloton this year than before?
  10. Very nice pic on its own. I don't think we always appreciate how beautiful this valley is! World class I reckon
  11. Top of Franschhoek pass looking towards Cape Town. That mist down there was #$%%&& cold!
  12. Evil Chamois Hangar gravel bike doing a bit of tar riding!
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