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  1. its a medium - thanks for the advice!!
  2. I have a 2018 Scalpel Si. Does anyone know where I can get bottle cages that can take a 750ml bottle and still fit under the shock?
  3. I am looking to build a series of trails on a piece of property in Kyalami AH. if you in the game, please contact me.
  4. Hi Guys, Some help please - how do i tell the frame size of a Pinerallo Dogma F8? There are no size markings on the frame itself. the serial number under the bb is : 6DB5300220099 Does this means it is a 53cm? thanks.
  5. Great event today - route was the best ever! Well done to the organizers.
  6. Hectic hectic stuff ... no words . Such a shame - have to find the muderers...
  7. This is a request to all MTB riders (including myself) that enjoy riding the many trails in the Kyalami AH area, including Inanda Country Base, Riversands, Inanda Fields, Meadow Farm, Helderfontein, Sun Valley, Beaulieu and Blue Hils. As more and more mtb'ers ride through the area and as the groups grow in size, I am picking a growing frustration from the landowners and residents in the area. We all need to start doing the following: - slow down when riding past horses, ideally ring a bell or whistle so the rider knows you are coming - never ride into an area that has a closed gate, no buts just don't do it. The gate is closed for a reason. - when you see them, greet the landowner and thank them for letting you pass through their property - never litter or leave punctured old tubes in the veld - limit your group size to max ten riders, ideally five - don't stop and picnic on private property! If we dont change our behaviour very quickly, don't be surprised if the landowners in the area start putting up fences to prevent us for enjoying the open spaces. We will only have ourselves to blame. If anyone wants further information feel free to pm me and we can discuss offline.
  8. They are still busy building the road - I live nearby and can hear the trucks offloading.. Gonna be tight.
  9. Big up to the organizers - 947 now officially has a MTB race! 10000x better than previous years. Did not enjoy the new track in Steyn city - did not flow and was too tight. Other than that all good!
  10. We need to give the guys credit for trying something totally new! There are always going to be risks as a result, but if no one tries new things we will be stuck with the same old forever. Personally it was not my idea of MTBing, but that's my opinion and I won't ride again next year. There are plenty people that will and that is their choice. Welldone to the guys for innovating, our sport needs it.
  11. It runs in a clockwise direction and starts after the entrance to kloofzicht. Rode it today very lekker. Except we went the wrong way round - apologies to all the okes coming the other way! Will get it right next time.
  12. Get your entries in now boys! This is by far the best ride you will ever do just 5mins from Fourways. Awesome single track in the Kyalami valley.
  13. Hi Guys, Jason has cut some awesome new track on Inanda Fields, Riversands, Meadow and Running Free. Come join us..... http://connect.garmin.com/activity/479287313#.U0rSOvuSt8I.email
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