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    The water is sweet
  1. Let's just say my trusted and bullet proof 500 is sorely missed.Already had one 820 replaced,the latest hitch is that once you saved your ride,it just starts with a new ride before you can switch it off. Had to do a few resets as well. The service from Garmin however is exceptional
  2. The riders should have support vehicles, with which they will have contact at the end of each stage, and therefore do not have a box system as with some other races. We can however make a plan and have boxes dropped at specific checkpoints. Regards I have had similar questions see above.
  3. Not familiar with the route,difficult grading on a scale from 1-10?
  4. @cejay51....cycling photos
  5. Cejay

    Sani Pass

    Be careful with the last big rain we had the Pass was badly washed away,not sure if it was fixed as yet (The rain we had during the Sani2C) that can affect your speed up and down. Check weather forecast before going up and remember always much colder on top than at the border. Enjoy the ride and check for Dwarf Camelions on the road!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. Going to look for some passes to ride: Seweweeks poortBosluis kloofBuffels poortJohn's rideOn our way home to the Swaershoek MTB Challenge in Cradock.
  7. Going up on the 22nd some riding to be done,Seweweekspoort and Montagu Pass. Am in 2 minds whether to use the Hard Tails or our CX Bikes.Not all that familiar with the CX bikes so will be more of a challenge. Anyhow can't wait to have my butt kicked up Swartberg by the mountain goat calling herself my wife!!!!!!!
  8. Changing quite often between bikes and no problem whatsoever,rode in torrential rain and mud it did not miss a stroke. The supplied rubber bands works well no additional fasteners needed Can't comment on battery life. Made my life easy and cost effective being inter changeable between bikes
  9. Will def do it,believe there might be some interest on the South Coast
  10. Cejay

    RIP Trans Karoo

    Homeward Bound (300km) Transdrak (200km+) in KZN admittedly a bit far but then I travelled for TK and the 361
  11. Packing done leaving for Oudtshoorn tomorrow morning at 03h00,please travel safe when you guys are leaving,lets see if we can meet at some stage.
  12. We need an hour can always talk
  13. Your "Seconds" are allowed at the checkpoints and you can get whatever you want from them,whether is is food ,clothes or spares they are not however allowed on the rest of the route.Hope it helps.Time is getting min now just completed a 4 hour ride.
  14. Down hill in the dark..? not gonna happen there is a lot of climbing in the 1st stretch,agree xtra light,I tape my warm clothes to the frame by the looks of it we will have a mild weather start so only light arm warmers and a jacket on the frame.Checkpoint 1 will change into warmer clothes as it get's rather chilly early in the morning.Eat from the tables but I do put my personal choice food in my pocket and boxes mostly "salties" as you get RATHER GATVOL of the sweet stuff.
  15. New section just been opened up awesome riding :clap: :w00t:
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