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  1. I cannot stand this guy, but.. His running challenge was to beat his mate. His mate had a PB of 1.13, and it was estimated that he would do a 1.15. Thats where the 1.15 time came in. He’s mate didn’t pitch for the race, so his 1.30 is still a win
  2. The times I’ve experienced this has been linked to electricity/appliances. During a training session, high voltage power lines in the vicinity can cause these spikes. I’ve also seen it happen when I get too close to an induction cooktop. Perhaps you got something similar while ironing that shirt...
  3. Has anyone got vitality points for CPR? I did my BLS/ALS/PALS (which includes CPR) some time ago, but have not received points yet. The website indicates that points are allocated automatically via the SA Resus Council. Anyone know of a way to claim the points manually?
  4. Get something like the ‘MyFitnessPal’ app, and start logging everything you eat. You will quickly where the extra calories are coming from, and where you need to change. Loads of local foods/packaging one can just scan the barcode with the app. If one uses an activity tracker/strava/etc, one can also link it, to track calories in/out
  5. That explains it... looks like I’m just too slow
  6. Weird. Price was R2990, then suddenly changed to R9990
  7. Thank you. Their HR based targets/times are very difficult for me to achieve; but I don't want to turn this into a discussion around the merits of '220-age' again... I guess I'll just have to become more clever in my approach to try and get annual points.
  8. Agree. Although arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure, it still has its risks, and I've seen some cases with longer term complications with adhesions etc. MRI will typically give a better indication of what's going on, and also inform (possible later) surgery better
  9. Duotrap and Neostack are both ANT+, and BLE. You can connect the two using either of the protocols
  10. I get the difference between the weekly and yearly points. My issue is that I have apparently reached the limit for the specific HR range workouts. Those workouts would have given me 5 sessions x200 points per week (HR monitor), but without the HR monitor (only swiping at the gym), I would at least get 5 x100 points per week. Now I get nothing. I would have just though that Discovery would at least allocate points automatically in the lesser category if one has already reached the limits for the higher categories.
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