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  1. I got the Titan Cypher 120 Alloy and I am really enjoying it. Seems to have everything I need at a decent price.
  2. I have a Titan Cypher Alloy 120 - tires are VITTORIA BARZO 29″ X 2.35 XC-TRAIL ANTHRACITE SIDEWALL. They are tubeless and it says minimum 2 bar on the sidewall. Can I go lower than this or should I stick to the minimum. I weight 73 kg's. thanks!
  3. Why do you prefer the RS Cypher Elite over the Cypher? 100mm vs 120mm..
  4. Thanks for all the replies, seems like a mix of buy new, buy used and everyone has their brand preferences
  5. Hi, I am looking for get into mountain biking, I used to ride a bit when I was young but I am a beginner now.I don't want to buy a really basic bike and then be forced to buy something better in a few months so I think my spend should be around R30 000 - R35 000. I've heard that a 1x12. I would like be able to ride anywhere so the bike should be versatile. I'd do a bit of on road, downhill, cross-country etc. I think my options are:2021 Giant Stance 2 29"Titan Cypher CompTitan Cypher RS Elite (Is the 100mm travel a lot worse than the 120mm from the bike above?)Silverback Stratos AL NX Any advise and feedback would be great! Thanks Craig edit: Think I'm leaning towards this bike.. any thoughts? https://www.titanracingbikes.com/product/cypher-comp/ Can't find any second hand deals that seem good for a size small
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