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  1. at your budget definitely check out decathlon
  2. hey bud ! please leave the details for the midrand people?! thanks in advance!
  3. Hi All Im looking for a JHB based company who can assist with Frame protection i see cycle lab sell frame protection kits etc, but i would like this applied by a proffesional any advice ? similar to this .. https://armour-ride.com/
  4. Thanks for the reply! Im a average 178cm x 70kgs - so assuming a medium/ large depending on the brand? And I was concerned the 29s would be a bit big once I get braver! ????.. Most guys are using 27,5 when they start jumping around than just trail pedaling? Am I right?
  5. Thanks Gerhard! I was seriously wondering about the wheel size options? - if I had to purchase a 2nd hand older 26" with all the bells & whistled , is it possible to upgrade to 27,5/29" wheels? - vs a newer 27,5/29er? And lastly, well that's the conundrum, how "into it" will I be? Well, I used to be very active and sporty in school, however 10 years later iv struggled to find something fitness I actually enjoy. Iv joined multiple gyms with a number of friends and just can't seem to pick up a routine as pumping machines in an enlcosed environment just doesn't stimulate me ???? So, Iv thought long and hard about a activity I will enjoy and MTB'ing just seems to tick all the boxes-fitness, outdoors, fun all in one! I do insist I am going to dive straight in, but of course the more expensive bike I go the longer it takes me to get started, and right now I'm itching! And ready to get involved, hence why I'm looking for the best all-rounder hardtail bike - basic trails, small jumps, some downhill and that i can upgrade component wise as i improve and so that I can realise im ready to hide my bank statements from my Mrs ????????
  6. Hi hubbers! I'm new to MTB, bike hub and the whole industry Would really appreciate some advice on a decent entry, upgradable hardtail - Budget is 8/10k - very entry level, hence hardtail. I have been scouring the classifieds for a decent 2nd hand option and of course literally every single online portal to see what's available new -but between a decent 2nd options and all the advantages of buying new it's left me confused! IMO - i think the Titan is the best over all starter? As there are a so many conflicting reviews, I thought id make a post - so any and all advice / reccomemedations are welcome. I know that this is an overly asked question but thought id revive the feed for others in the same position! If you kind enough to post a bit of a checklist regarding components so us noobs can start getting an idea Thanks in advance everyone!
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