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  1. Stolen: Merida One Twenty 2012 When: 16 January 2020 Where: Pretoria, Gauteng Stolen from inside the house - Pretoria Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  2. it is on again: http://www.groupon.co.za/deals/national-deals/Groupon-Goods-BLB/9976054
  3. ASG - Site Sponsors Auctions - Rudy Project
  4. except when you'r use to it being 23:00 and get home to catch up on the Day's events and realized you should have rather used the internet at work
  5. Event Name: Cara Cara MTB Race When: 1 September 2012 Where: Ruby River Resort in Groblersdal, Mpumulanga Category: MTB Cara Cara MTB Race http://www.entrytime.com/index.asp?GoTo=EventInfo&EventID=3519 MTB Event Date : 01 Sep 2012 Province : Mpumalanga Venue : Ruby River Resort in Groblersdal Online Start Date : 10 May 2012 Online End Date : 29 Aug 2012 Contact : Enquiries Contact Number : 082 871 8051 / 079 523 5498 For all the people that complained about the Down & Dirty bottlenecks last year, here is an event capped at 200 people, on the same day. Distance & Entry Fee 70km - R170 30km - R120 10km - R50 Start Time 70km - 08:00 30km - 08:05 10km - 08:10 Venue The Race Will Start And Finish At Ruby River Resort General Information Medals To All Finishers Race Capped At 200 Entrants Accommodation Ruby River Resort www.rubyriverresort.co.za Enquiries 082 871 8051 / 079 523 5498 Email: caracaramtb@gmail.com Go to Event Page
  6. You have 2 options, or maybe 3. You can either set your gears to the largest infront and large at the back, this should have enough tension to keep the chain on, but you run the risk of clipping your deraileur on a rock. The other extreme is small & small, then your deraileur is nice an high off the ground, but chances are good your chain will come off. Both the aboth are not ideal if you intend on pedaling rapidly down the decent. that leaves option 3 somewhere inbetween.
  7. except for creating an forum post under event, would suggest creating an event entry as well.
  8. Maybe they should have an "open/funday" event with the same routes... then everyone should know the way to go, and can accurately place themselves... Doesn't help much on the official side of things, but atleast you get a free ride & have some more fun...
  9. Last year there were also groups taking accidental "shortcuts"... I would think by now the organisers would have learned for this venue? Also there were no Marshalls after the Oasis waterpoint stopping people from cutting out approx 9km of the track and going straight. Most of the course was well marked, but I think they ran out of signage towards the end, and could have done with a bit more marshalls along the way.
  10. Seeding/Timining I know you cannot move from say batch C to B, but that normally it is accepted if you move down/backwards from say B to E batch How does the timing work if you move back, does it start on say batch B whisle or when you cross the line with the rest in Group E
  11. Last day to enter online http://www.entrytime.com/index.asp?GoTo=EventInfo&EventID=3385
  12. Had a similar "incident" last year with CWC, no response to email. Mailed http://www.buycycle.co.za/ with my product query, they replied with pricing & links, as they added it to their website for "me" to speed/ease order process.
  13. Online End Date : 11 Apr 2012 Contact : Gerda Botha Contact Number : 014 734 1630 http://www.entrytime.com/index.asp?GoTo=EventInfo&EventID=3385
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