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  1. Powered by Century 21 JHB South , Thaba Trails hosted the 2nd of a series of GAUTENG XCO Races. In perfect weather a number of skilled as well as developing riders stormed around the 4.1km course being prepared for the South African XCO Championships on 20th July. Missing were a number of top elite riders who are doing duty at the Cape Epic but the'll be back. Very encouraging to see the youth and juniors charge around a course recently criticized as being "Too Difficult " but making it look rather easy. Don't be mistaken, it is a course living up to National standards.
  2. Event Name: Thaba Tester #1 When: 2 March 2019 Where: Thaba Trails, Gauteng Category: MTB An opportunity to enter XCO Racing as well as to test ride the course being prepared for the S A XCO Champs on the 20th july. Facebook page open. Go to Event Page
  3. Hello Engel-a, The Thaba testers on my race program does not fall under events fir Gauteng or CSA. The reason being these are NOT official races but opportunities for new participants to XCO can get a feel for this discipline..... No Pressure riding.The first " Tester " is on the 2nd March and 2 weeks later we hosting Gauteng Cup #2 (16th March ) we swopped our date in April.
  4. Hi Chris.... WOW .. it's been years when I last heard from you... these age groups are U10 and U12....
  5. At Thaba Trails we prepare a slightly different trail for the Littlees.... It will still be a true XCO course but there is plenty of time ahead for them to have their parents stress about the difficulty of the course. I want them to have fun and return for more.
  6. Morning cat-i, the testers are a way for riders to enter XCO. Therefore we will not charge to enter these five events just the normal R50 entry fees to ride the trails. It further serves to familiarise yourself with the course as we develop the final track for the Gauteng and SA XCO Champs. SO... enter at our trail shop.... nothing official just pure fun BUT....yes always a BUT... I hope you will then ride the three MAJOR EVENTS..ie GAUTENG CUP APRIL/22.... GAUTENG CHAMPS JULY/06 and SA XCO CHAMPS July 20.and listen to this.... these three events are POWERED by CENTURY 21, the leaders in Property. Medical service provider is HELIVAC.
  7. Morning Engel-a, We are not making a fuss. The testers will NOT be official races as per license and rules and regulations. I intend these to be opportunities for anyone wanting to give XCO a bash to do so without pressure. NO frills. We will have HELIVAC as our medical service provider and we will do hand timing. The cost will be the normal THABA TRAILS fees of R50. Entry will be at our trails office....However.. the Gauteng races and the SA Champs areseperate from my 5 TESTER events.
  8. Just read your post... so sorry to hear that your Dad Has become another Alberton statistic.My prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.
  9. With the SA XCO Championships taking place at Thaba Trails on the 20th July 2019 we are super excited to announce that once again Century 21 as our Title sponsor. FURTHER....THE first Official GAUTENG XCO CHAMPS will take place over the same course on the 6th July and still further news is that the GAUTENG CUP #3 will be held on Thaba Trails on the 22nd April. FULL RACING PROGRAM TO INCLUDE SPROGS AND NIPPERS STARTING AT 07H00. SO... we are making some exciting and interesting changes to last years XCO course. MONTHLY starting on the 2nd February the THABA TESTER # 1 we will host XCO racing to introduce the monthly changes to our course. The TESTER dates are as follows 2nd February start time 14h00 2nd March 4 May 1 June 22 June The racing will be as follows on these dates; Junior Men and ( Invited u16 ) 13h30 Junior, vet and Elite Ladies 14h15 Vets and Masters Men 15h15 Elite Men 16h15 MEDICAL SERVICES SPONSORED BY HELIVAC.
  10. Event Name: Wendell's 24 Hour.. When: 19 January 2019 - 20 January 2019 Where: Thaba Trails, Gauteng Category: MTB Wendell's 24 Hour replaces the RESTONIC 24 Hour. Same 8km course which is NOT too technical. Any questions please contact me. Go to Event Page
  11. 2019 is but a few days away. Have you got your team together for the RESTONIC 24 HOUR. WHERE: Thaba Trails When : 19/20 January 2019 Time : 10am Title Sponsor we are proud to say ìs Restonic Beds. Entries are open: cycleevents.co.za
  12. XCO, the only MTB discipline at the Olympics. In MHO ALLEN Hatherly is the only rider showing the talent and potential of being on the starting line in 2020. We are trying to put a race program into place aimed SOLELY at opportunities for ANY riders male or female to develop the ( full package ) with the OLYMPIC STARTING LINE as their focus.....but what support will these races get. Programming published soon.
  13. Pikey, I share your feelings but for a different reason. I try stay off this so well informed sight because a lot of people have a lot of time to stir without finding out a lot of facts FIRST. My number is available 0829000749... have the balls to phone me direct and ask about things that " worry you" about Thaba Trails.... 1 ) The development has been on the cards since I started there in 2011. Not a thing has changed. The development may well include some of the current sections of Thaba Trails but this will just give me opportunity for new sections to be created. There have been a number of subtle changes on existing trails and this is my ongoing passion for fun at Thaba Trails.... but when will the new development start.... no one can confirm. The sites and documents being referred to have been public knowledge for ages and the opening date was hoped for at that time was January 2019. SHOW me a company who can erect a development such as STONE RIVERS ARCH between now and the end of NOVEMBER when the building industry shuts down.... and I will GIVE you my Cannondale. 2) RESTONIC TWENTY FOUR HOUR MTB RACE was moved forward by ME !!!!! When this date was decided on I found it strange to find a weekend with hardly any racing going on on these dates 22/23 September.... only to find out much later that it was a long weekend and a number of riders would be away... so I MOVED THE DATE... I hope you guys will support this 24 hour race that will now take place on the 19th / 20th January 2019. For anything pertaining to Thaba Trails phone me first before shaking up the boys in the Western Cape like that... Yours in MTB Wendell.
  14. We are dissapointed to announce that once again we are forced to cancel what could be a highlight of many riders year. The RESTONIC TWENTY FOUR HOUR WILL NOT BE TAKING PLACE THIS WEEKEND. To be fair to our valued sponsor, RESTONIC we have decided to move the event to a new date . This event will now take place on the 19/20 January 2019 on which date there are currently no other races mentioned. The few riders who have entered will be contacted and their money either refunded or they will be early bird entries. Regards Wendell
  15. Hi Guys, just to make sure you don't miss the date change of this great event. We will be starting at 6pm on Saturday the 22nd September, Thaba Trails are hosting the event and be assured..it will not be according to " WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD " The 8.1 km track is specifically laid out so ALL levels of riders will be happy. 130 meters elevation negotiated at JUST the right places ALL RESTONIC TWENTY FOUR HOUR WINNERS will receive a .. RESTONIC QUEEN SIZE BASE AND MATTRESS. At the same time we will host the CYCLE DEALERS EXTRAVAGANZA... an opportunity for you to touch and feel the latest bikes and gadgets available from the local wholesalers as they will be exhibiting their products. The change of starting time was requested by some bike shops. The reason is that there will be a " BIKE SHOP CHALLENGE ". YES.. bike shops will be competing along with some of their customers in a Unique Social Occasion where a team from a bike shop will consist of at least ONE staff member.. at least ONE Lady and the rest will be customers. The whole team will consist of 10 members. HAVE YOU BEEN ASKED TO RIDE ?????
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