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  1. I am certain that many cyclists find themselves in my predicament, which is that I am spending too much time cycling and not enough with my kids whom I love nearly as much as my bicycles. In an effort to solve this dilemna I decided to buy a Tandem so that my 6 / 8 & 10 year olds can share my love for cycling and I still get a regular ride in. However I have no clue where to start and after a few failed google searches have decided to post my queries here in the hope that some useful responses pop up. I need to know how to choose the size, what models are available, training programs for kids (how hard can one push them?), where to get best service and advice (I am loctaed in Gauteng) etc etc. Anything useful would be appreciated. Thanks T
  2. I've heard that Chapman's is not about the hill but the y'know like the view and the maaountin Never actually cycled it myself, I've only ever done the DeTour.....but this will be a disappointment if it's still closed in March.
  3. Wow, like the turn this debate has taken. If we're having a work party I'm in. (I know a good birthday mom who can organise...nudge nudge wink wink)
  4. Agree with Frosty, I bought the 2006 Ford World Ironman championship DVD and it cost USD 34.95, Shipping was around USD 11.95 and SA customs was R72.99. The R72.99 is a grudge purchase, but what can you do....?
  5. Agreed, this is some sort of bizarre justice, I can only hope we see something similar happen to the guy who stabbed the little kid in Heidelberg a month or two ago? Do you think we'll see the same emotion on this forum?
  6. Johan, Fair comment, I have forwarded the link to this note to the agrrieved mom, what she does is up to her. I have introduced myself to the forum and my real name is reflected in the profile. I don't ever play dirty unless I'm mountain biking! T
  7. Hey, good responses, I would love to hear Logwood's side. The venue was booked, even if there was a misunderstanding the insults were uncalled for. Does anyone have any contacts at Logwood?
  8. I'm sorry to say, my son (8) was invited to birthday party at Logwood Bike Haven. We never actualy got there because birthday mom, a very organised and detailed person who had spent weeks organising the cycling party, called us to say that the party won't be held there after all. It turned out that upon arrival with party goodies, eats and drinks etc she was told that they were not expecting her party and there is no room. In the ensuing debate she was sworn at, called a f%#!ing crackhead and was told that her party of 25 was nothing compared to the business that he is letting in today. A nice exciting event spoiled thanks to whoever was in charge at Logwood. I have never actually been to Logwood and was actually looking forward to the trip, sorry to say my friends and family will never find out if its all that it's cracked up to be. (No pun intended.) Incidents like this are not good for the venue and not good for the sport. T
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