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  1. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/DFR_UAt3IZrsDexN1L7Hf8_lHxqxfzz_d6IcnuY77gpt47-KcLwhGSUzg_1HWGiyR1_m=s96
  2. Not sure why the Sunrace adaptor will not fit onto my Hope free hub. The splines on the adaptor does not take up the entire space on the free hub, hence leaving the bearing seal exposed on the wheel itself as it is not flush against it.
  3. Hi all Seeking opinions, advice, pointers I have a set of wheels with Hope Pro 4 hubs. The rear has a Hope Pro 4 SRAM XD Freehub. Will a Sram GX Eagle XG-1275 Cassette (12speed) be compatible with this or are there alternative. Already tried the Sunrace Sram compatible cassette with the XD adaptor to my disappointment. I found not fitting properly and too much play. Any suggestion.
  4. How about you sell me these for R5k and its a done deal. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/hope-29er-wheelset You can PM me...
  5. SHIMANO XM900 SPD CYCLING boot Any idea if one can get a pair of these in SA and where? Size 44
  6. The idea is something like this: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-lZegJzvixnA/UbxV9ItkT4I/AAAAAAAAALk/D-_YYuEFkU8/s640/blogger-image--751022124.jpg This is Charles Mansfield at his RASA a few years ago... Having done RASA before, this time round I don't want to use a map board. I would prefer to have a small chest pouch to keep the paper work in there....
  7. If anyone gets onto this forum...... I'm looking for one of those small chest pouches that you attach to your backpack straps for RASA 2020. If anyone knows of or where.....
  8. I'm in for 2020! Going for number #3. 2014 was an unfortunate disaster with an eventual withdrawal at Chesneywold. Put my big boy pants on and conservatively, in 2016 finished what I started. I say conservatively because I wanted to make sure I finished the whole course this time! The "pull" of the Freedom Trail has been eating at me and so here we go again, bring on 2020! My training, learning off the last two, is very base training orientated till the end of December. (Just riding) January the real deal starts. Depending on what your race strategy is will determine what your training regime should be. If you not one of those race snakes then its merely about getting overall body fit. As Shebeen said, work out what works for you. I did plenty interval training, upper body and core training, some hiking and one or two ultra distant rides and I used the 36One Mtb race in April as an 'icebreaker' before RASA If its your first one, other than being fit, navigation is key. If you are sketchy on navigation, try see if you can find a basic course on map and compass navigation skills. As you know, you carry all your kit and gear with you. While training, pack a pack heavier than what you will ride with in RASA. I went over-packed in 2014 at around 14kgs!! Yup! bloody heavy after the first couple of miles when ascending. 2016, I went in with 7kgs. You'll be surprise what little kit you can live off when out there! Nutrition - keep it natural. Keep it real but experiment! Don't be worried about RASA. Have fun in your training, absorb information, experiment, and when you get there, take it all in! Its an incredible journey! It can sometimes teach you things about yourself you never knew or maybe forgotten. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if there is anything you would like to bounce off. Most importantly enjoy the build up and don't overthink RASA. Its merely a mountain bike ride/race with incredible people you will meet along the way and you will experience the South African landscape like few others will ever get to experience....
  9. Wondering if there is a special on popcorn for Black Friday! Going to need loads of it..... Exciting stuff developing.....
  10. I would believe that the battle has now begun between KB & TR! Get the popcorn out! Showdown is about to start officially me think!! Kevin B has had a gutsy ride up to now! Legend!
  11. Kevin B is definitely being brave! https://inthebunch.co.za/2019/11/kevin-benkenstein-sets-new-goal-for-his-fourth-munga/ Go Kev!!
  12. RBC is not good........... just bloody excellent!! I have used RBC twice and have received great service! The bike last service and suspension service done in May '19 by them! Friendly, professional and precise! Can & will definitely recommend! http://www.robbiesbicycleconcept.co.za
  13. The bulk .... 95% before CP4. There will be the odd causeway to cross which should be dry thereafter or just a trickle...
  14. 2012 my first TB and in that my partner bailed at CP4 Bergplaas with respiratory issues and I decided to go it alone which was a painful exercise with a team that adopted me. It was a looooong night out! 2013 my second TB with my brother-inlaw who developed some serious gastro issues in the days leading up to the event and was courageous to still join me on the start line nevertheless. At CP3 the gastro issue which kept him 'busy' ultimately ended his race. I went on to finish another solo and thinking this was the last out of frustration. (But these solo finishes also planted the seed of other ultra distant events of which I have taken part in and succeeded - but of course they were solo events) Now 2019 after thinking my TB participation was jinxed all the years, I have decided to give it another go. With a month of flu behind me, I have made the recovery but will most certainly be riding and not racing, and maybe more or less playing tour guide to my rookie partner and when we get to the finish, my partner will be ecstatic for a finish and I'll be jumping up and down just because I have a partner who finishes with me!! - all going well! Good luck to all. See you on the other side
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