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  1. From the stores in Boston/Bellville to Stanhope Road and Tygervalley, the one thing that sticks out most for me is that you never failed to greet a customer in your store, even if it was just a nod as you were busy with someone else. That set the standard. As a businessman you are a standout. I have simple measure - people who create jobs for others are my national heroes - congrats! you have my admiration. All the best Chris.
  2. Here's an idea I'm throwing out to connect the dots (SPCA, Jewbacca's love of unique bikes and a hub legacy). I'd love to see Jewbacca ride this to Wellington with either a stoker or a big fluffy toy dog on that Brooks saddle. It has its heart and soul in the Karoo. Thoughts? Full specs: Unique tandem with a hint of history attached. | Hardtail Mountain Bikes | Bike Hub
  3. tubed

    The Munga 2023

    Imagine you are the oke smack talking your boets on the line, you've pushed you way to the front and you turn around and you see this face😨
  4. tubed

    The Munga 2023

    Same 'game face', winners by force of nature.
  5. tubed

    The Munga 2023

    Re Drikus Coetzee - from my very amateur following of his exploits, in my view it seems a matter of time before he re-writes every gps aided distance ride record in this part of the world, its just a case of when he fits the event into his schedule. He is a freak and I mean that in the very nicest way. No co-incidence that he was the guy soft-pedalling next to Benky when he entered Windhoek this year. Inspiring stuff.
  6. I came here to learn about bike stuff and share - never in all my years did I ever think it would become a place where bike duels are proposed to settle differences. Must be Friday - I'm out of here.
  7. Yikes, I can imagine that must have cost. I probably use the same vets you do in the valley. You are right, ventilator is best for any chance with large dog - so Blue Cross or Panorama have been recommended, especially after hrs.
  8. Great post DJR, helpful info. I'd agree that most dogs seem to have an innate sense to back off when it comes to a snake, which is why they are such wonderful animals, (the dogs), because if you are alert to their behaviour they are likely to have smelled the snake long before you see it. Terriers and Jrussels unfortunately have another innate sense and they are most often bitten. I found it helpful to have a chat to your vet about how to handle a bitten dog, they will tell you if they have anti venom in stock and who else does in the area (they share) or else they will tell you where to go after hours to save time. In summary - puffy bite - unlikely antivenom - treat symptoms (swelling and pain). Cobra - depends on size of dog - small dogs, limited time left. Bigger dogs - keep them breathing is most essential - get to an open equipped vet as soon as possible. (this seems to suggest anti venom shortage has been resolved: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2023-11-17-sa-well-stocked-with-antivenom-say-experts-as-snakebite-season-looms/)
  9. Boomslang Had one in the garden 10min ago, seen by the dog first, clever thing, she must have frightened it as I couldn't see it at first, after 5 mins of waiting quietly sure as nuts it comes sliding down the tree.
  10. our vet has told me that this works - not nice - but it was the only option for an owner with a dog near Breede river where there are lots of them in the past 2 weeks my dog has found a porcupine and two different cobras in the garden, I hear a specific bark and I shoot out to see what she has found, in all 3 cases she has backed off and called us, so its useful to listen to the type of bark in the garden and then get there quickly - hope that helps my brother has the same thing on his farm with a jack russel and warthog holes, you have to drill it into the dog that exploring that hole is not an option
  11. Lots of them moving around now, had two cobras in the garden in the last 2 weeks, thankfully the dog seems to have learned to call me by barking and keeping her distance. I'm no expert but from what I understand the wetter winter helped with moisture and hatching of eggs, then just about everything they eat bred well too, now the water has dried up (over the last month) so they have to move more to find it and the heat has increased so more water needed. All in all - there are more this season and they are moving now (sounds like a horror movie script). I'm upgrading from using my old golf clubs to hook them - waiting for my hook and tongs to arrive from Tongs, Hooks and Bagging Systems - African Snakebite Institute
  12. You could give Chris Fisher a call if you would like to use the Freedom Trail route in reverse. https://www.freedomchallenge.org.za/tours It may depend if you are prepared to a bit of portaging and what type of riding you are keen on. Just in case you are thinking that its 'another tour operator' and you prefer to do your own thing, its more a case of access to some private land which Chris can arrange for a fee, and there are some great routes in that section Enjoy your ride!
  13. tubed

    RiP Thug

    Saddened by this news, Thug always added value to a topic and his affinity for the Freedom Trail will be missed. Nice to know that he and Johan Rissik will be swapping some single speed bike stories. RIP Tony you will be missed.
  14. Seems to me the Activity Card is going the way of the TV licence - zero benefit from the funds spent, but you are forced under certain circumstances to buy one. On the positive side, I have been fortunate to visit both Kruger and Kalagadi in the last 2 years and Sanparks are still doing a great job there. In Kalagadi, the rangers and staff are particularly pleasant.
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