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  1. Big difference is that there wasn't any cash in my account to confirm. Money talks, and I had R75k invested
  2. I agreed to R125k, just before asking for banking details. It's there, in the convo
  3. I get that, but 3 days later there was still "no funds"
  4. Thanks mate, learnt a lot in the last week I am glad that I could be the source of some light entertainment Do you have 2 x treks for sale by any chance hahahahaha
  5. Whats a couple hundred K to Cape Epic enthusiasts
  6. Absolutely agree, thats why I didnt send proof of payment. His own bank sent him the notification of funds received His bank and my bank confirmed that the transaction was processed on Friday I called both banks on Monday to confirm
  7. The account number in the screen grab is mine, I decided to hide it And the reference is the sellers name, decided to hide that too. I thought it was sufficient
  8. You're right, moving on How do I delete this thread?
  9. I thought that it was a possibility that the fault was with STD, thats why I called both banks to confirm
  10. If you read the convo you will see the that he received a notification from his bank that the payment was made
  11. Personally, I dont see the point in sending PoP if I just express paid R75k into your account. I mean, you can see it, the money is there. But I see the point you are trying to make. Besides, I got my money back, so that would suggest that it was received, right?
  12. Yeah, I don't usually start a conversation with "I buy and sell for spare change" Some people hate resellers, I know you do
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