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  1. I take it that the people that are making the comments actually took the time to go to the meeting. Can we have some feedback please.
  2. I am involved with Road and MTB racing. There is a need for mechanics to help teams before and during races. Big teams often have a problem when their regular mechanic is not availble. I want to adress this by starting to train guys to enable them to step in when needed and also to prepare them should they want to do this as a career. The profile is tipical a young person that raced at junior level and maybe after that, do not see a career as a racer for himself and enjoy working on his bike. There is live after racing and there is a couple of guys enjoying the thrill of being part of racing, traveling the world and get paid for it. Anyone interested pm me.
  3. Maybe I am just lucky, but I recieved my racing licence and Managers licence long ago. Maybe I am not lucky and my club has just done what they were suppose to do. My 2 sons had the same expierience as me but they do not belong to my club........so I dont know where the problem is. By the way I belong to the Telkom club
  4. Roadie? When you ride on a public road you are a Roadie, even if you use a mountainbike, not so?
  5. What happened to this discussion.
  6. goed' date=' beter, bester.[/quote'] goed.beter, YSTER, Bester
  7. Consider Dullstroom area. Good gravel roads and low traffic.
  8. We placed it next to team vehicle for Team Manager to load in vehicle for spare wheels. The wheels was not seen after that.
  9. This is my last hope. If anybody picked up a Powertap wheelset please let me know. This is very expensive to replace.
  10. Stolen/lost at Telkom Satelite race. Please pm me if found.
  11. result link http://www.edosof.com/2009/besaya/
  12. Post from Team Manager on skype."juniors make even more history. team of eight currently in Spain at Vuelta al Besaya, a UCI 2.1 tour. Rode very aggressive and took all 3 podium positions including the KOM jersey. Team manager Austin said - they caught them off guard and a move went clear early - they bunch relaxed as they knew the climb towards the end will still sort things out - but player right into our hands. Top 3 - in a jnr ranked tour is not too shabby at all. 1st Johann van Zyl, 2nd Christopher Jennings, 3rd Shaun-Nick Bester and Jennings in the KOM jersey. "
  13. Post from Rian Gouws on skype"race was gud! johan 1st chris 2de en shaun nick 3de, ek was in di bunch di res van ons het bunch beheer hule heti geweet wat met hule gebeur het ni! ek het in di bunch kla gemaak"
  14. UCI 2.1 Junior Tour in Spain with National teams from Itali, Spain, Russia ,Porigal and more South Africa had a 1, 2 and 3 in the first stage. Johan van Zyl, Chris jennings and Shaun-nick Bester.
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