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  1. Mike Bolhuis is on his case... https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid04cnDRuAvBCPMTKqepXxnAABDT1dSES3ywb46W12G9i7FgWaLWr51LoDMLwsBVuAMl&id=100044277497196
  2. Anyone have an idea on what this would approximately cost to install? https://www.livestainable.co.za/product/geyserwise-low-irradiation-pv-solar-geyser-conversion-kit-150l-including-panels-and-mountings/
  3. Have done very little riding over the past 4/5 months but I'm on the upgrade path again. Earlier this year after removing the Cat, I installed the Meerkat X-pipe and then installed the Cone Shorty Performer exhausts. After running the bike for 12 minutes the Triumph ECU is supposed to re-calibrate itself and take into account the changes made. I've decided though to re-map the ECU with a custom tune from one of the largest Triumph tune mappers in the US https://dnktuneworks.com/ Just waiting for the OBDLink LX to arrive from Amazon. Will let you know whether the DIY mapping works or if I total my ECU.
  4. Been some great rides this RASA including a couple of forum members. One has to feel though for Bruce Biccard, on course for the win but Stettyns had the final say. Well done to Enslin on his win.
  5. Judging by Alex's current position, looks like he took the route around Lehana's and is busy climbing Naudes, which is allowed. Been watching Paul Moxley for the last couple of hours bundu bash.
  6. Here's a worthwhile review to read. https://bikepacking.com/gear/hammerhead-karoo-2-review/
  7. Don't know if any follows RRC Restoration on YouTube but he's been restoring and rebuilding and old CR250.
  8. I had a 15 hour ride last week that synced to the Suunto App with no issues.
  9. Should be available locally but I imported the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive. https://ride.lezyne.com/products/1-mp-mfdr-v204hp Brilliant pump.
  10. @BenReaper Sorry to see your bike go up in flames, thankfully no one was injured and the damage was limited to the bike. As I've been training for the Freedom Circuit, I haven't had much opportunity to ride the Thruxton over the weekends but I had every intention of taking it our for a ride yesterday. Until I woke up with overcast conditions threatening rain. I suppose now the first proper opportunity will now be in May.
  11. Eventually managed to remove the Cat after undoing and removing what felt like every bolt holding the engine to the frame. At least the bike will now breath easier and a will be a little lighter. Once everything is back together I’ll record an audio file of the new setup.
  12. When I was living in East London, I joined some mates and went down to the 2005 Buff.
  13. Started the installation process tonight. Took off the Cone Shorty’s and the link pipes to the back of the Cat but need to get a Torx T-55 to loosen the Cat from the frame.
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