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  1. Unfortunately @Rouxkeloos, although I do enjoy my coffee, I'm going to be a philistine on my trip and drink the Starbucks instant roasts.
  2. @Shebeen, I see you use one of Graeme Murray's saddles.
  3. It’s a Katabatic Flex 22 quilt with an additional couple of grams of fill. https://katabaticgear.com There actually is another Hubber who together with his wife rode the race in 2019.
  4. Thanks. Yes, riding flats. There are a lot of hike-a-bike sections so don't need to take spare cleats. Having one set of shoes also helps weight wise. All my sleeping kit is on the front with electronics, cables etc. Link to tracking posted above.
  5. Tracking on www.silkroadmountainrace.cc
  6. I'm loving the Sardinha with its relaxed geometry and all the mounting points. I'm running a Redshift shockstop stem for the corrugations and it hasn't been too bad after multiple trips on the Mini-Munga routes. Normally, I run a suspension fork. Tyres are generally 2.4's but in this instance I have a 2.35 on the front as I was too lazy to swop out the normal front 2.4.
  7. Thanks. Wolftooth 28t Oval. I don't normally run a 28t but in this instance I'll be either going up or going down
  8. I actually imported my whole sleeping system, except pillow. I couldn't find anything light enough and well proven enough to last the rigours of a 15 day trip in Central Asia. Tent, incl poles and ground sheet & drybag - 1039gr Sleeping Pad (4.4r rating) - 529gr Quilt & drybag - -8degC rating - 772gr
  9. I'm actually leaving next week to Kyrgyzstan to do the Silk Road Mountain Race which is a self-supported bikepacking race. Starts 22:00 on 13 August and one has to be finished by approx the same time on 28 August. It covers 1 800km with over 30 000m of ascent.
  10. The best advice I can give you is to have a look through https://bikepacking.com/ , which has a whole host of information. There are a couple of local retailers that stock bikepacking equipment: https://www.cycletouring.co.za/shop/ https://gravelandtour.co.za/ but if you want to purchase lightweight tents, sleeping bags etc, then you'll have to import from overseas.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Recently purchased a number of OneUp components for my new bike.
  12. If its R240k 2nd hand, what's the new price?
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