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  1. banna

    Top 10 albums

    Great albums indeed. The late 80's/early 90's era was such a fantastic period for music. IMO it matches the 60's/70's.
  2. banna

    Top 10 albums

    What? No Pixies on anyone's list?
  3. I've never owned a Strat, but every time I listen to Dire Straits, SRV, Hendrix etc I just cant figure out why the hell not.
  4. Ja I think you're right. Those high end collectables very rarely see fingers on strings. Kinda sad.
  5. The custom shop stuff just goes for stupid money. And quite honestly, most of the price diff sits in cosmetics. Paying double, definitely doesn't mean the guitar sounds or plays twice as good. Don't think I'll ever spend that much on one guitar (even if I was able to). It obviously opens up the whole debate of collectors vs players.
  6. Eish. For that amount of money they should be issued with your own Jimmy Page to play it for you.
  7. Please go test a 59 re issue Les Paul for me.
  8. I watch so many of the Andertons Youtube clips. Flip, you're lucky to have them so close!
  9. Jeesh, Tube Screamers are just green boxes of joy. I have the TS9 and TS808. The TS9 is slightly more edgy, with a more "modern" sound.
  10. One of my other PRS's. The Sc245 model. Gets its name from the scale length (24.5)
  11. Gibson and Fender are such iconic brands, and that famous history will forever drive their sales. But brands like PRS/Ibanez are arguably making better guitars these days and people are starting to take notice. But you know, you gotto have a LP and a strat.
  12. Thx boet. I've checked out Tokai before. Great guitars. But ja, still looking for that elusive LP. :-)
  13. I've moved into PRS a few years ago. You get close to the Gibson sound but with the Strat or Ibanez comfort and playability.
  14. Finding the right guitar is such a personal thing. You can put 5 LP Standards next to each other and they will all sound and feel slightly different. You just need to test out as many as you can find, and eventually you will find the One. :-)
  15. I've been searching for 30 years to find a LP that speaks to me, but so far I've been unsuccessful. Just can't seem to find one that gels with me. The search continues... :-)
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