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  1. It is what is is mate, the route is from PMB to Durban, people have been doing it for years despite the logistics. Although my sister used to live in Pmb and my niece in Durban, so i was blessed logistics wise, now they both live in Durban so will probably bus in or stay with friends in Howick, a lot further out but closer than durban i suppose. Will be back next year, too close to CTCT this year
  2. However the safe cycling PPA group is limited to 450 riders this year so not sure how that will work out
  3. Had this debate with my wife last night as well, we both have had shot one, so we ticked other and stated that we have had shot 1 of 2 of Pfizer. Presume the "other" is for these cases
  4. Also dropping back to my wife in 5E that has been punished for having a baby last year, so it wont be lonely back there
  5. Have been holding off on accommodation and taking leave, so those will be sorted today! Now to panic train in Clarens this weekend.
  6. Okay, in terms of taking into account what most of you are saying, would the Trek Top Fuel 7 be a better choice then? If not being specific to brand, but in general range of travel and budget considered? The Scott Spark also can be a contender. Deciding factor really is stock, especially when looking for two bikes
  7. Luckily I am not looking for that then. . . .
  8. To be fair I knowingly opened a can of worms here, but i asked with the idea that i can't seem to find a common opinion anywhere. And the discussion has been way off the worst threads I have seen on here, so i am actually quite happy with how this is turning out
  9. Flat and non technical would be the most weekends kind of vibe, however, if you read further the goal would be to get a bike that if we were to take them away with us, say to a place that is not flat and technical, and we decided to do a race, be it Sani2C, or W2W or whatever the case may be, that we would be correctly kitted out for such an occasion. The decision to ride these races is basically made, just needing the bikes, hence making a decision with that in mind. I am picking up on a few things here, but I am guessing that a hardtail would not be sufficient in such a case?
  10. Thanks for the multitudes of advice so far, really appreciate it. Was looking at the Spez Stumpjumper Alloy, with 140mm travel upfront, so more or less seems to fit within the advice given so far. . . If you stretch the recommended 120mm to 140mm that is. But Can't really see if i would ever sit back after a ride and wish I had 20mm less travel. . . The biggest problem as mentioned is stock, but that is befalling all brands as i can see it at the moment. Will take a look at the Scott and Merida as well, helps to be pointed in the right direction in terms of model within a brand. Any issues with a Momsen Vipa other than the ridiculous name haha😅
  11. So, my wife and I have decided to give this MTB thing a try. Been in the works for a long time, but varying annoyances like getting married, buying a house and having a child has tied up cashflow until now. So as not to bring up fanboyisms, I shall not be revealing the brands we are looking at, but am merely trying to cut through the cowpat and get some advice. We are looking to ride on weekends around our local trails, which in the Free State means flat and dusty, but we would also like to be able to take our bikes with us on holidays and ride trails there, whether it be in the Western Cape or KZN. Also looking at doing some stage races just for the experience, and obviously to test ourselves, like Sani2C, Wines2Whales and the like. To that point, what is the real marked difference between a trail bike and a XC bike? Would I regret buying one over the other? Most locals I have asked have referred to the trail bikes being slightly heavier and having more travel. But does more travel really equal Bad? Got told by a local bike shop this weekend that the trail bike we were looking at was "Too Much" bike for us and our local area. . .
  12. I bought myself one about a month ago and my wife the women's version and it is leka warm. I use a body warmer under, but I could conceivably just wear it on warmer days. Holding up nicely in the Free State winter, did a ride a while back in Bethlehem and it was -1 and my body was the least of my worries. Would definitely recommend it. Got the blue, gonna buy myself the sea green as well!
  13. I emailed ATOP directly a few years ago, they couriered a replacement for both sides to me directly, I think they sent me two for each side. I eventually got put in touch with a company in Elsies River that sent me the repair kits. Send me a PM and i will send you the email addresses. Thanks
  14. My First Tour they told me that the last hill is Suikerbossie, forgetting that piece of crap climb out of Camps Bay
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