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  1. Rode a Rapide rigid before the niner for about year and it was also a great fork
  2. Been riding a niner rigid hard for a few years. Awesome for and goes really well on my SIR 9. Will never sell this combo as i have had some awesome wins and seedings on it
  3. spinners or any artificial are great, you can always change the hooks to singles
  4. ahhhh,, was an interesting topic till someone said vegan..
  5. Thx Beesrib Lets ne know if you do get And the drop me a wzap Nul 723555nul twee thx mater
  6. Thx Beesrib Lets ne know if you do get And the drop me a wzap Nul 723555nul twee thx mater
  7. Got it guys my only concern is no back rest?
  8. Any links on this star seat and where i can buy it?
  9. My boy is 19months old now and it time for him to ride with me. Whats the best and safest? It must have a backrest, its going to go onto my Stumpjumper so it must be able to work on carbon. Must be solid to hande basic single track. Can you guys post some pics with advice of where you bought it for what price. Also where can i buy small kiddies helmets? Thx Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  10. Ons ry gewoonlik v George af oggend voor die die pad is ongelooflik besig en vat n pel saam en slaap op uniondale dan na race slaap.julle waarookal julle wil kamp
  11. En n paar lekker afdraandes
  12. Sorry Max Hope you are ok. All the best with your recovery Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  13. Many guys taper before the race. When you are not moving around or train as much per week as before ..you start thinking...stressing! Stressing is a big no and guys tend to try and eat to healthy and stay away from certain food. Come race day and with more stress than usual guys get sick easily
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