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  1. Robbie, the hubs resident long tour photo poster, copperhead, is coming up with a plan. And I cannot believe you peeps saw through the my questions and thinking like well .... it was obvious.
  2. Where do you want to travel to ? I mean what sort of places you want to go ? Lets put this out there and lets see where it goes.
  3. Cois, when last did you have a holiday? Are you able to travel around at all ?
  4. ooooooooo I never got told about those shirts!!! Please please please can I buy two ? I will pay postage 😁
  5. And if you can, take some spare parts and bits and bobs. Arno gets the local kids involved in bike builds. The kids get to ride the bikes and learn how to service and maintain them. I loved seeing the kids riding around on bikes.
  6. Cois, a few questions. How much was that buggy? How much do you think the costs are to get vinyl covering ? Lastly, do you watch Netflix Movies or what kinda streaming do you do to pass the time ? Oh and do you use fibre/broadband at home and who you with ?
  7. Hey Cois As mentioned from earlier post money paid across from a previous hub fundraiser drive. Hope it helps. SB
  8. I cannot recall who managed to get Ghost ?
  9. Cois, you might recall that little girl we helped a while ago with a hub fundraiser? I have not been able to get hold of the family to give them the money. I am sure hubbers will not mind if we send these last bits to you. I just ask that you (or another hubber) post your bank details as I cant find them going back on this thread. SB
  10. Our day 12 Covid test done and dusted. Had to use a whole lot of pre-meds to get our daughter through this one. The staff were amazing in helping us. Really patient. Just a bit sad that the nurse was a bit harsh on her. But sheesh, it is incredible how kids can be inspirational. Despite her fear and anxiety and tears and crying, she new she had to do it, And she did it. Amazing to see her overcome her fear and do what needs to be done. Now there a re a few things that need to be done that I have been avoiding. Like paying bills.
  11. Thanks DJR. Do not be fooled by my comments. It has not been easy, but we are hanging in.
  12. I will be in my little rowing boat on my way home should the coffee barista serve me blue jeans instead of chino's. Of topic though. I was desperate, so I called for a 'chino from the hotel. They put chocolate powder sprinkles on the foam. What is up with that ?!
  13. We are day 9. 5 left. But as I tell the MoD staff, we are loving this MIQ. It is allowing us lots of time to get ducks in a row. Visa's, banking, (already rented a house), hiring a motorhome to drive south and see a bit of this place. We are allowed to leave the building at 09H55, on Saturday. Not a minute earlier. We have the choice of getting transport from the hotel, or go to the airport. We can use the family room, which faces Customs Street. We can see a coffee shop across the road. First thing I want to do when we get out is walk across the road and buy a 'chino!
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