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  1. I will not lie Already thinking of how I can attached a sabre to my bike with the ability to do a quick draw
  2. the repercussion of one small chain slip
  3. Browsing around this morning and had a look the Garmin Instinct Solar. I see that it is advertised as a tough outdoor watch. Two Ads down the add-ons for the watch jump out at me: 1) Silicone Bump cover & 2) Tempered glass screen protector Now, my grand reputation of cracking cell phone screens makes me wonder if this watch will survive daily wear. Anyone got one, had one. Your opinions please. OK, no worries. Common sense took over. I do not need another piece of tech that needs constant charging,
  4. believe this is relevant after the illegal occupation of Mars this past month by both the Americans and Chinese.
  5. Started raining a few minutes ago: West coast winter is on its way
  6. Have these on my commuter. 2km gravel and 8km tar road per day for the past year. On a normal day I carry about 10kg of stuff with me, add to that my rather portly figure and I cannot fault these tyres. Paid R600 for 2 a year ago. Maxxis Overdrive
  7. When I win. What will be the most economical way to get it down to the West Coast?
  8. here you go https://www.reddit.com/r/AmIFreeToGo/comments/d2un2j/key_biscayne_police_stop_an_armed_cyclist/
  9. And I came back to delete the post, juvenile humor and such. But now I know
  10. Is this a track or the name of a participant?
  11. Or the mandatory "tri-athlete in the sea with their bike photo" that went wrong
  12. I nominate the following individuals as potential ambassadors. Lewis Hamilton Yuki Tsunoda both wonderful athletes
  13. Sunday the BBC asked and two articles over they print the answer The Borders are closed Logical I say
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