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  1. I guess if everyone is on the van der poel train, I'll suggest Wout gets the yellow shirt first up and warms it up nicely for Roglic to lose again.
  2. I just came to see if it had survived the purge.
  3. The whole time I've been reading Lenasia in the thread title. I only see now it's planes, not curry.
  4. TNT1

    Bike setup

    Seeing as you are more involved in this, would there be a difference in bike setup for a person to generate their most efficient power vs one for them to be optimally comfortable?
  5. Just use the same vpn you use for USA netflix. (and everything else...)
  6. TNT1

    Bike setup

    It's never too much for a road bike.
  7. I thought va der Poel was focussing on Tokyo? I would personally love to see Valverde in yellow one last time.
  8. Stage one final climb: Stage two final climb: There will not be a pure sprinter left at the finish line. It looks like the Tour organisers want Alaphillippe to have the first yellow shirt this year.
  9. TNT1

    Formula 1...

    Same. This is like the long dark days of watching Alesi and Berger fail to finish races.
  10. So, you don't need a whole new wheelset? Just pop the bearing out and take it in to BMG or skf and Bob's your aunty.
  11. Just the bearing? Probably skf have a suitable replacement.
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