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  1. What? This thread is about an ornament stolen from a coffee shop.
  2. Nah, I google. The idiots have been doing it all over since long before that.
  3. Oh, like those crosses and flowers at accident sites? When I come to power people that do this nonsense on public roads will be sterilized. I cannot stand these sorts of things.
  4. Yeah, sure, they have a purpose. Either as actual cable ties, or in an emergency situation. As a permanent thing on a bike, that's a no from me.
  5. TNT1

    The Classics

    Are you also booked for all 27 hours of Milan San-Remo this weekend?
  6. They give out cable ties, you don't have to use them...
  7. **** me. It's like the bad old days around here again.
  8. Cable ties do not belong on a bicycle. There are far more elegant solutions.
  9. Stop using a saddle bag, you ladies blouse And Or just the camelbag thing. It looks like you can but all your tools in there, and solves your hydration issues. Take the bottle cages off and run lean.
  10. TNT1


    Er... What are Dennis and WvA if not super?
  11. TNT1


    Calling Jumbo a smaller team?
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