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  1. The issue has been resolved. Joe contacted me and offered to reimburse me for my expenses, we agreed to an amount. I sent him my banking details and the matter has been resolved. Thanks Joe for the help and after our chat over the phone I am confident that our next dealing will be positive. As you said, you have learnt a lesson and I myself have also learnt a lesson.
  2. It was a 2012 Scalpel so sounded okay to me.
  3. I took the chance with my money buying from him, I asked him for a refund and he refused. I then asked him if he could pay me back R 3 400, making the buying price R 15 000 ( I paid R 18 400 ). That way I could spend some money one the bike, he refused. I finally finished fixing up the bike today so thought I would post so that people can know, I did not post to get any money back. I have made peace with what happened.
  4. I did what I could to get my money back, but he was not cooperating. I have made peace with the loss, I made this post so that people are aware of what happened.
  5. Good day all, I recently had a terrible experience on the Bikehub, the seller has a 96% positive rating with a total of 28 ratings. This led me to think that I could trust the seller, he stays in the Western Cape. It was my first time buying a bike without seeing, also my last. I called the seller after seeing the ad about a Cannondale Scalpel that I liked, I asked him all the general questions that I could think of, he even sent me some extra pictures and all looked in order. The bike was a complete mess when I received it. I spoke to the seller about all of the issues, he simply said he was selling it on behalf of his friend / brother and that this person has left the country. I said that I would courier the bike back for a refund and then also take the knock on the shipping he just said, "No". - Groupset Condition I asked him if all was in order and he said the bike is mechanically sound. When I received the bike it was a wreck, the front derailleur did not even want to move from the small to the big ring, it is a 2 x 10 SRAM X9 / X7 groupset. The chain, cassette and rings were all worn to the max. I ended up replacing the entire groupset to a brand new system. This set me back R4000 for a new groupset, I could still use the crank. - Rear Suspension Condition Rockshox Monarch XX, was almost not working at all it only moved about 10% of the travel, even when deflating the air pressure. I played with it and figured out that the XX Lever needed a bleed, I bled it and it was perfect, open and shut. - Lefty Condition I asked him about the lefty as I know that they can give issues if not maintained, the seller assured me that all was well. The lefty was a MESS, while riding if you steer left there was a lag between the movement of the bars and the wheel (play on the lefty). I sent it away and the guys said it was a total mess, that ended up costing me R2 500. - Brakes Condition I asked him about these AVID ELIXR brakes as I also know that they can give issues if not maintained, the seller assured me that all was well. Both the pads were contaminated, no braking power at all and the noise was terrible, I ended up replacing both pads @ R 400 a set ( R 800) - The crank condition As I took the bike out of the box when receiving it I saw 2 different pedals on the left and right, Shimano 520 and 540. I made nothing of this, until I tried to remove the pedal. The entire thread was stripped, it was not budging at all. Iended up taking off the pedal body from the axle, grinded the axle flat on both sides and finally got it out with the help of a vice grip. After I got the pedal out I saw that the pedal was cross threaded and forced in. Be careful when buying without seeing the bike, there are still a few crooks among us. I have a pretty good knowledge of bicycles and I got scammed by this seller. Seeing that I could not come to terms with the seller regarding the damages, I would make a post about this. He still has active ads on the hub, details below. Name: Joe Funk https://www.bikehub.co.za/user/17282-joe-funk/ Seller Contact No: 082 735 8962
  6. I'm agreeing here... On the road bike I hate it when people don't greet you back. And it's the fun riders that don't even raise a hand It's just normal for me that cyclists greet each other, but it seems things are changing...
  7. Well I've done 110km/h behind a truck so gears aren't the big problem....
  8. My first official day @ Cycle Tech Kyalami Enjoy the week guys!
  9. I agree 100%! Some shops are stepping up to the plate, just give them a while
  10. OKAY>>> What distance will the Junior men do?? And Elite ladies??? SA Cycling posted: http://www.cyclingsa.com/Article.aspx?uid=619 Witch says that Junior and Elite ladies do the 110km route. SA Cycling then posted: http://www.cyclingsa.com/Article.aspx?uid=613 This one then says: "with the Elite and U23 men covering a distance of 170km whilst the Elite and junior women and junior men will complete 80km." Not sure now? Elite men and U23 - doing 160km or 170km? Junior men and Elite ladies - doing 80km or 110km?
  11. Thanks!! Did not even know half of that! So I'm guessing the team time trails is open to lest say a Junior Vs U23 Vs Elite team and the fastest time wins it? So t's a open cat hey? Loving the Team TT idea!
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