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  1. I always look at the weather there and think 26 is perfect but then for some reason once I start running i literally melt
  2. Calling out the locals. How is the weather looking? How hot is 26 degrees in Summerstrand at 14h00? Is it humid? Currently it looks like solid wheels will be allowed? Will the wind assist on the way back or out? If I read the route correctly a tail wind on the way out would be ideal as the town will protect us on the way back? Any advice will be appreciated (and updates in the days to come)
  3. My two new additions Vickey and Napoleon
  4. Hi guys Any MTB group rides this weekend from Jeffreys? Start point and time? Distance and approximate speed? Thx
  5. Good luck all on Sunday. Will watch the race from the couch......
  6. Hey Garf Unfortunately no one in Jeffrey's bay never ever cycle or runs. Thx in any case for expressing interest. Bring your surfboard
  7. Hi guys Are there any group rides over easter weekend in Jeffreys bay? Thx
  8. Does anyone know of a running club in Jeffreys Bay planning group runs over the Easter Weekend? We will be there and I need to run almost 20km each day Friday to Monday. Thx
  9. Not nerves, more excitement. This is a wonderful race - well organised and an awesome route. If you did the hard work you have nothing to worry about!
  10. Yep a fake would not break this easily
  11. The next 4 weeks is going to be very important. Have to keep the intensity up in training
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